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Panda ride by Ploopie
by Ploopie

Fantastic piece! I love how you have kept the panda to look like the way it is in the stock piece, the way it gazes onwards to the pie ...

Underwater Lights bw version by Kateey
by Kateey

I love this photograph, to begin with it's definitely unique. The most striking thing is the air bubbles around the bottom of the light...



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My name's Adam Sklar, I reside in the UK and am known for Faceless.

I tend to personally thank people who favourite my work, but now I'm getting them more and more frequently it's hard to carry on doing so, but I want everybody to know that each and every favourite is greatly appreciated, so, thank you very much! :la:


Noah and The Nomad slowly regain consciousness after being knocked out by the devastating collapse. The Nomad is sitting with his back against the wall and one arm resting on his wounded knee.

“How long was I out?” Noah groans in pain, struggling to move as his wounds begin to heal.

“I only came to about two minutes ago. I just waited for you to wake up.” The Nomad coughs up blood as Noah realises that he has been heavily injured by the collapse.

“I’ll stop you.” Noah huffs.

“You can’t. You won’t. You’ve tried stopping me despite knowing that my powers allow me to reflect the damage of your attacks against yourself, which obviously resulted in you being where you are right now. Crippled. Far be it from me to tell you who to trust or not, Noah.” He smirks whilst holding the Godsend Device in his hands, protected from the collapse by its outer casing. A bloody Noah struggles to get back onto his feet, trying to run through all the possible choices he can make in his mind.

“You’re hurt. Just like the clones, you can be hurt by environmental damage. I know your weakness now, Dad.” Noah shakes his head in disappointment.

“Even though I cannot read your mind, both you and I know that there are only two choices you can make… Save the world, or destroy it. It’s really as simple as that.” The Nomad shakes his head, still reeling from his injuries. “I’m not the bad person here, Noah. Of course, I have my own intentions, who doesn’t? I’m probably what people would call an anti-hero more than anything.” He continues defending himself, whilst inspecting the Godsend Device to make sure it hasn’t been damaged by the collapse.

“You’re trying to play God… I don’t believe you just want the power to change humanity. No, actually, I think you want every single power there is available from this, you want to become God.” Noah groans whilst he slowly picks himself back up.

“When you put it like that… it’s insulting, Noah. Really insulting. You make it sound like I have a religious agenda.” The Nomad stares fearfully. “If you do this, I’ll take you home. You have my word. Or at the very least I’ll show you the way home. Wouldn’t you like that? Somewhere to actually belong, somewhere to live in peace.” He attempts to persuade Noah. Water drips from the broken pipes and the red emergency lights flicker onto their faces as Noah begins to stare angrily into The Nomad’s eyes.

“What home is there? You killed my parents when you snatched me from them. I… I, I’ve already been through this. Why does the Godsend Device supposedly only work with me? Why didn’t it work with Wildcard?” Noah represses his shout, his words escaping through his closed teeth.

“Because you’re pure. You’re you. No clone is ever a full recreation, an important element is always missing. I wouldn’t say it’s the soul, but that’s the closest word we have that could possibly explain it.” The Nomad explains whilst gazing into the tranquil, serendipitous lights glowing from the Godsend Device. “You have the power that’s inside this Godsend Device, pure and total omnipotence, you’re the only one who can truly control it.” He continues to explain, stroking his finger over a slight crack in the casing.

“I’ve never been able to use powers just by imagining it, I’ve only been able to get powers when I needed them. You know that.” Noah argues. The Nomad shakes his head angrily, staring at Noah.

“But you have used powers by imagining it, that’s exactly what you’ve done up until this point. Before I put Riley inside your mind, you were on the verge of allowing yourself to go through the process that would grant you total control of your abilities, you did things I thought impossible. Yes, I definitely set you back after I put Riley inside you, but… but I did it to save your life. One step back, two steps forward.” He growls. Noah continues staring at the Nomad with a hateful gaze. He breathes a deep sigh, hesitant to entertain the Nomad any further.

“I raised you from a baby, you might not be my son, but you are my son. Do you think I’d want to see any harm come to you?” The Nomad attempts to appeal to Noah’s soft spot, but it backfires as he begins to burst out laughing in disbelief, hurting himself in the process.
“You killed your son, you cloned yourself and then cloned me in order to try and fulfil your own desires, Lily was killed just to try and bring me into control. Of course you’ve never tried to hurt me directly because you need me in order to do this. And do you know what? I’m never going to. You can’t hurt me. I can’t hurt you.” Noah grimaced.

“Noah, I’ve readied myself for this for longer than you’ve been living. Do you really think I wouldn’t prepare as many contingencies as possible for the final hurdle?” The Nomad lectured as he clicks his fingers, causing five people on their knees to appear beside him. “Now, I could have just rebuilt the machine and put these two back inside, but I figured that you might hold some emotional value for them… you might be omnipotent, but I am omniscient. Nothing you do can change the course we’re on, Noah. Nothing. Everything I did was to prepare for this very moment to work, no matter what happened along the way. A contingency was made for everything, absolutely everything! Even Riley was born to be part of a contingency plan that came into effect!” The Nomad chided as he gently rolls over the Godsend Device towards Noah.

“How did you… Quinton? Dillon? Oh, Jesus… I don’t know the others, let them go, let them go.” Noah shakes.

“You don’t know them? Oh that’s right. You never met them. Meet dear Lily’s parents, and her sister.” The Nomad murmurs slyly whilst Noah glares at them despondently. “I saved Mr. Bennet, I want to bring him back to see that my plan will truly be the best thing that can be done for mankind and then he will trust me. You will trust me too. But these people, they’re expendable to me. I have a feeling that they’re not so expendable to you.” He stares with a tiny hint of sympathy in his eyes.

“I’m not going to listen to you. I’m not going to do this.” Noah protest whilst shaking his head.

“I will kill them, Noah.” The Nomad warned.

“No… No you won’t. I know you won’t. You need them for your future.” Noah surmised.

“Wrong.” The Nomad spoke as he raised his hand towards Dillon, gently shutting down her brain as her head twitches and her body falls to the ground.

“Dillon!” Quinton yells as Noah’s heart sinks whilst he stares at her lifeless body in utter disbelief. Lily’s family shout in terror, trying not to stare at Dillon’s corpse.

“I warned you, Noah. The coldness of my heart isn’t just a sign of psychopathic behaviour, but also of complete honesty.” The Nomad enunciates his words. “I only shut her brain down, I didn’t damage it. You know that Quinton can bring her back. If you do this for me, I will keep him alive in order to do so.” He mutters carefully whilst Noah stares at Dillon dolefully. “Noah? Would you like for me to make Lily’s family feel what the sensation of death is like too?” He persists as he continues to enunciate his words, ensuring Noah understands him entirely. Lily’s family begin shouting in terror and fear, not understanding why they’re here.

“No.” Noah spoke in a brittle tone, as he looks inside the Godsend Device and stares at the Stone.

“Perhaps you need one final nudge.” The Nomad smirks and reveals Riley and Lily’s corpses, dropping Lily in front of her family members as they scream in anguish.

“What are you doing?! How did you know where we buried her?!” Noah shouts angrily, averting his gaze from Lily’s body whilst noticing in his peripheral vision that she is wearing different clothes. Her family wail in agony as they see Lily’s dead body.

“You buried her clone, Noah. Surely you could’ve worked that one out yourself when you realised powers didn’t work on her body.” The Nomad revealed with a grin. “I shut down her brain without injuring her too, your dear friend can bring her back to life also. But know this, she won’t have any memories of you two together, or of the things you went through with Owen. This’ll be a selfless act on your part to save the most important thing to Riley, the most important thing to my son, who you can also save using the Godsend Device.” He nods slowly, revealing an almost sympathetic smile. Noah remembers that Wildcard was responsible for killing Lily’s clone, he theorises that clones can use powers on each other.

“You can’t save Riley. He’s gone completely.” Noah reveals.

“Lies.” The Nomad growls as he immediately inflicts severe migraines on Quinton and Lily’s family members. “Last chance.” He mutters through his teeth.

“What do I do? Tell me what to do.” He whispers.

“Noah, no!” Quinton shouts. “Don’t let Dillon or Lily come back to the dystopia he’ll unleash upon us. There must be another way.” Quinton murmurs quietly.

“Quiet.” The Nomad barks. “Open the casing by pressing down gently on the top. Mind the crack.” He instructs Noah, who follows his guidelines and presses down on the top of the enclosure, causing it to open up and expose the luminescent stone from within. “All you have to do is touch the stone with one hand and touch me with another. The stone will do the rest of the job for us.” He continues to inform Noah whilst trying to repress his uncomfortable mixture of fear and excitement. Noah worries as he looks around and panics. He takes the Godsend Device out of the enclosure and holds it tightly in his right hand, the power surges through him, making his orange irises glow stupendously. The Nomad extends his hand, his eyebrows raised as the excitement of a child lies behind his eyes. Noah reaches out and holds The Nomad with his left hand. The Godsend Device lights up and begins vibrating through Noah and The Nomad, trembling the environment around them. As Noah panics, the effects of the Godsend Stone suddenly stop working.

“Hope?” Quinton mutters.

“It’s not Hope.” Noah shakes his head worryingly.

“No.” The Nomad grunts. “No!” He yells as Noah looks towards him, alarmed by his behaviour. He opens his hand, and sees the Godsend Device is slowly beginning to form cracks on its surface.

“It’s happening. Noah. It’s happening. It’s going to result in the Epinova I warned you about! Right now the last thing I want is this world to die. This shouldn’t have happened. Please, take me to my office.” The Nomad implores.

“What happened? Why—” Noah stutters.

“There’s no time for this!” The Nomad interrupts and yells fearfully. “Noah, don’t you see? My plan has failed, I can’t have the blood of the entire world on my hands too. We have to go!” The Nomad clamours whilst Noah rushes towards Quinton, untying the rope behind his hands.

“Quinton, can you bring Dillon and Lily back?” Noah asks hastily. “I’m so sorry you had to see this. Your daughter will be fine.” He nods towards Lily’s family.

“Yes, I can. I can bring them back. You go, I’ll take care of these guys.” Quinton answers.

“Thank you, for everything. Tell Dillon and Lily that too.” Noah expresses breathlessly whilst Quinton grabs him on his arm.

“No. Thank you.” Quinton nods with admiration in his eyes whilst Noah rushes towards The Nomad and teleports them both to his office upstairs.

The Nomad rushes to his computer and checks through Noah’s DNA sample.

“It’s all my fault. Of all the things I prepared contingencies for, I overlooked this one. When I… when I killed Riley and merged his conscience with yours, everything seemed fine. But now that his conscience has merged with yours entirely, it seems to have altered your DNA by a fraction. That was enough for the Godsend Stone to… malfunction. It didn’t recognise you fully, but it recognised you enough to start incorrectly. You’re right, there’s nothing of Riley to save anymore.” The Nomad begins to cry as the Godsend Stone begins to form more cracks. “I didn’t mean to kill Riley, I planned for it, but trust me when I say I didn’t want it. I definitely didn’t want the effects to be permanent. It was for the greater good. I wanted to use the Godsend Device to grant myself a power that could change the structure of our species, to alter our genetic makeup and make our species a peaceful one. No more wars against our own kind. No more wars between us and them, just peace. I strived for that, no matter what I had to sacrifice in order to get it.” He explains with great defeat in his voice.

“You still wanted to play God. You wanted to alter our kind. That is not something you’re allowed to do.” Noah expresses his beliefs angrily.

“No, no, no. It’s artificial selection at most, Noah! We’ve been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years! I’m sorry, but we don’t have time to discuss this. There’s no time to undo this. You need to try and contain the stone. You’re ready.” The Nomad insists.

Noah sits down and tries to concentrate on the Godsend Device, he places it on the floor and focuses his hands around it, desperately trying to create a containment field around the stone. Immediately after trying to contain it, an immense blast of heat radiates from the Godsend Device and incinerates parts of Noah’s skin and clothing. He gasps in fear and shock whilst his wounds heal.

“We need to get that Stone as far away from this planet as we can and I physically can’t do that.” The Nomad shouts agitatedly and steps backwards in fear.

“You want me to potentially sacrifice myself to save the world? Again?” Noah mutters.

“I want to see my son save the world again.” The Nomad’s teeth chitter whilst he tries to ignore the overwhelming loss he feels.

“Just like that, you want to trick me into thinking that you’re good? You could have been good if only you’d gone about all this in the right way!” Noah represses his shout.

“What’s done is done.” The Nomad stares in defeat.

“Every single thing that has happened to me is a direct consequence of your actions. My entire life has revolved around the choices you made for me. I was your prisoner, whether I liked it or not!” Noah shouts and uses his telekinesis to push the Nomad against the wall with incredible force.

“Noah.” Valeria calls out.

“Mum?” Noah mumbles and drops the Nomad. He walks up to Valeria slowly and she raises her hand to stroke Noah’s cheek. “I’m so sorry.” He struggles to speak.

“No, my darling. I’m the one who is sorry for letting you live this life for this long.” Valeria apologises whilst The Nomad stares at them breathlessly.

“You showed me how things truly were.” Noah exclaims with appreciation.

“I only wish I’d done so earlier, sweetheart, so that you wouldn’t have to have this overwhelming burden of guilt resting on your shoulders. I lived in fear like you did for so long. You and I both know you were not responsible for any of your actions.” Valeria expresses reassuringly. “Now go, darling. I love you.” She whispers. Noah stares at The Nomad one last time, analysing his distraught expressions and recognising that this man is responsible for his own downfall. He realises that in choosing not to kill The Nomad, he has finally regained total control of his own destiny. Noah looks back towards Valeria and smiles, teleporting away.

“All this time, you planned for Riley to die?” Valeria weeps.

“How long were you standing there for, Valeria?” The Nomad questions as he struggles to stand up.

“Isn’t that obvious? Answer… you answer my question right now.” Valeria cries.

“No, darling. I didn’t.” He responds monotonously.

“But you were prepared for such a thing?” Valeria responds immediately as the Nomad refuses to answer. He stares at the ground and notices Valeria is hiding a gun behind her back.

“Let’s not make any rash decisions here, Valeria.” The Nomad spoke calmly.

“Did you intend for me to die too? Was that… was that part of your plan?” She asks mournfully.

“You know it wasn’t. You’re my saving grace, Valeria. Your death allowed me to find two very special people who would pave the way to understanding how to use abilities on such a grand scale. I saved you. I brought you back. In spite of everything, I couldn’t lose you.” He responds with a vacant and stolid look.

“You did everything for yourself, you selfish bastard. I don’t even know if I’m me anymore. Do you understand how heart and soul shattering it feels to learn that I’m just a clone? That I’m dead? I can’t even tell if the life I led is still the life I’m leading now. The life I had before is probably in the eternal blackness of death. What kind of life is this? A life without a soul?” Valeria ponders in desperation.

“Darling, you mustn’t concern yourself with such philosophical questions such as those. You are here and you are alive.” The Nomad advises.

“The only life that matters is gone. Our son. Because you killed him, just like the hundreds of others you have killed as I turned a blind eye, scared of ever confronting you.” Valeria scolds the Nomad.

“Everything I did, I did for—” He mutters under his breath before being interrupted.

“The good of humanity? You tell me that so many times, but the one thing you’ve failed to explain is just how your actions would truly benefit mankind. Would you just explain that to me for once?” She requests in an erratic tone.

“We are on the verge of evolution. Millions of us are born with abilities every year, it’ll be tens of millions soon. Sooner or later, war would break out between those who have abilities and those who don’t. I wanted to skip that process entirely.” The Nomad explains.

“By turning everybody into almost emotionless beings?” Valeria cries.

“No. War would happen regardless. Before abilities become commonplace, wars were had for every single reason, whether justified or unjustified. We are a vengeful species, a species capable of such slaughter. I wanted to bring about a utopia. With all the abilities I could amass from the Godsend Device, I’d want to change the very structure of our species, to make us a peaceful one, a happy one, to save the world once and for all.”

“Even if those were truly your intentions, you went about it all the wrong way.” Valeria mutters disapprovingly.

Noah begins his ascent and soars as high as he can into the sky, strongly trying to ignore the drastic cold he feels tearing his skin. As he begins to leave Earth, he looks behind him to gaze upon the very planet he lives on, admiring the rich blue tones that radiate a sense of peace, despite the chaos that occurs every second on the surface.

“That’s a planet I saved once.” Noah thinks to himself. “This is a planet I’ll save again.” He looks as far away as he can and flies at the fastest speed he can achieve, whilst simultaneously teleporting to the furthest distance he can. The Earth becomes nothing but a miniscule blue dot in a vast and overpowering sea of blackness. Without knowing where to teleport to, Noah thinks of a nearby planet and sees it in his mind. Soon, the thoughts of planets turn to thoughts of comets, thoughts of star systems and thoughts of galaxies. His skin begins to freeze and disintegrate. Noah panics as the very hazardous environment causes him to constantly drop in and out of conscience. The overwhelming speed and lack of air begins to make him hallucinate.

“Remember me?” Lily fades in beside Noah, blood dripping down her face. Noah refuses to acknowledge his hallucinations whilst trying to take control of his greatest power. “You know I’ve always believed in you, don’t you? You have the capability to save the world. I believe your own ideology overthrew the darkness within you. That mixed in with Riley’s personality really paved the way to you becoming a better human being. You being here is proof of that.” She continues to praise Noah.

“There was no darkness inside of me, just The Nomad’s brainwashing tactics. I gave into him, Lil. I was going to do it.” Noah struggles to speak.

“Karma hit him back, Noah. Of all the things he saw, he didn’t foresee that your very biological structure would have eventually been altered when he merged Riley’s conscience with yours. He prepared a contingency for every possible scenario, but he didn’t realise you would have changed after the... entanglement of personas.” Lily explained.

“Why would somebody design that for me?” Noah groans, as his voice breaks.

“Not for you, remember? But for another you, elsewhere. He altered the destiny of multiple universes and forged your own destiny, one you overcame.” Lily clarified. “I always told Riley we’d go stargazing again, I never imagined I’d be among the stars.” She stares onwards.

“You’re a hallucination… So I’m basically talking to myself.” Noah grasped. “How would I even know you told Riley that?” He stammered.

“You have his memories too.” Lily answered. “Go. Save the world.” She gently touches Noah on the shoulder and disappears.

With a clear goal in mind, Noah focuses heavily, taking control of his true abilities and begins regenerating instantaneously. His very essence begins to heal faster than it is being destroyed, allowing him to continue on with ease.

The Nomad continues to defend himself to Valeria, who tearfully tries to withstand his silver tongue. She slowly paces towards The Nomad as she truly begins to mourn the loss of her son, accepting that he is gone forever.

“I only wanted to save the world.” The Nomad’s voice cracks.

"Violence begets violence. You’re nothing more than a vainglorious dictator that wants to assuage his fear of humanity.” Valeria grumbles.

“I don’t fear humanity, my dear. I fear what humanity is capable of.” The Nomad murmurs.

“All your choices led to this. What's left of our son is flying out there right now, trying to get as far away from this planet as he possibly can. What's left of our son made Noah a better person. You killed our son. You killed my only child. You did all of this, Spencer." Valeria’s broken voice reaches a powerful crescendo as she utters The Nomad’s name.

“Forgive me, Valeria.” Spencer shakes his head in defeat whilst Valeria immediately raises the handgun and shoots him in the head. For The Nomad, it feels as if time has slowed to a standstill as the bullet begins its inevitable approach to his brain. He realises the consequences of all his actions, that saving his wife was ultimately his undoing. “That’s when I saw it.” Spencer thinks to himself as the bullet begins to shred through the skin of his forehead. “That’s when I saw the eyes of my dead wife… and the reflection of my soon-to-be-dead eyes in hers. You never truly realise how much an idea can consume who you are until all hope is lost. I see it, the bullet... I feel it, her broken heart. My eyes struggle to focus on the tiny object that will bring about my end. It is not the bringer of death I want to see, but the remnants of my wife. Knowing that I will never be able to earn her forgiveness is the final suffering I shall endure. Through all the darkness, I still can’t see the light, all I know is that it isn’t my wife who is about to kill me, it’s The Nomad.” He concludes his thoughts and closes his eyes, accepting the fate that he has brought upon himself. The bullet strikes through and through as The Nomad’s dying body collapses to the ground. Valeria kneels down beside him as an amassment of blood pools from his head. She waits for that final breath to take place, for him to be gone forever, no longer tarnishing this world. The two stare at one another as his perishing eyes rapidly shift to the left and right as he gazes into Valeria’s eyes, his breathing slows until it reaches a sudden halt. Valeria raises the gun towards her own head with clear intent to shoot, her finger slowly pressing down on the trigger, unsure of whether or not she wants to end her own life too.
Noah continues flying and teleporting as far as he can go until he reaches a vast spot of darkness. Desolate planets and dying stars surround the lost hero. His sacrifice will cause him to never to be known or remembered by a single stranger on Earth. Noah looks down to the Godsend Device as the iridescent light from within slowly stops flickering. Noah closes his eyes, hoping to see a hand reach out to him one last time to offer him the sweet salvation of death. The stone stops flickering entirely and collapses on itself, emitting a dreadful and frenzied explosion that instantly destroys Noah’s body and any nearby planets and stars. The very formidable shockwaves stops time in its wake. In mere hours, the effects reach Earth, harmlessly stopping time for a short moment. Onlookers with abilities remain unaffected as they notice the rest of the world has reached a halt. They apprehensively meet others with powers whilst they all gaze into the dimly lit sky as auroras blanket the Earth. They wonder who, or what could have stopped time in such an alarming and beautiful way.

“It is suspected through various surveillance and civilian footage that somebody with a great deal of abilities has just helped prevent the deaths of countless lives. The remnants of a faraway explosion being dubbed by the Preservation of Eden as an Epinova are visible from Earth even at daytime. The sheer colossal scale of the otherworldly disaster has baffled scientists as the light cannot have physically reached our planet in such a short amount of time, suggesting that whatever was taken away from our planet had an unnatural origin. Also, the tragic discovery of an unidentified body of a twenty-one year old girl has been found in a river, police—” Hours have passed as a newsreader covers the recent explosion that has since become visible to Earth, despite being astronomically far away.
“You’re making a remarkable recovery.” Dr. Laidlaw smiles confidently. “Looks like someone has enough karma to redeem themselves of all their sins.” He chuckles whilst interrupting the news.

“Not all of them.” Owen grunts as the room around him begins to tremble, the television screen smashes and various equipment begins to fall over. Dr. Laidlaw screams in pain as he is slowly lifted up into the air, his face begins to bleed from every pore whilst he continues yelling in a way no human should ever have to. His body falls to the ground whilst Owen begins levitating from the bed, still paralysed from the neck down. He hovers in a ghostly manner as the wires and tubes are forcibly and violently ripped from his body whilst he leaves the room.

Piece by piece, Noah’s body begins to reassemble. His clothes disintegrated in the inexplicably massive explosion along with the distant stars, planets and moons nearby. Planetary fragments surround Noah as he drifts through the vastness of desolate space, surrounded by celestial death.

“Noah.” A figure whispers inside his mind. Noah is still unconscious, his brain healing from the extensive damage caused to him a few hours ago. “Noah.” The figure calls out inside his mind once again as his eyes open. He blinks rapidly, attempting to wake himself up as quickly as possible, witnessing the godforsaken space around him.

“It felt like—” Noah thinks to himself.

“Being born again?” The figure responds.

“Worse.” Noah struggles to swallow and his skin slowly begins to freeze, the very calamitous explosion still radiates warmth in the infinite emptiness. He looks around to see who he’s speaking to in his mind, but there’s nobody in sight.

“I tried to reach you before all this happened. I tried to bring you home. Do you remember? But something stopped me. Once I realised I was able to come and get you, I came as soon as I could.” A female figure reveals herself to Noah, slowly approaching him.

“When I fell onto the meadow not far from Petrelli Manor? That was you I saw and not a hallucination?” Noah remembers.

“That was me you saw. I tried to reach you when you were inside a void before you teleported onto the field. It was our only opportunity to get you and I missed it. Then something happened and I was able to cross over now.” She answers.

“There was a machine blocking anybody from crossing over into this universe. We stopped it. Am I dead?” Noah answers whilst the female figure slowly approaches Noah.

“No. You came close. Very close to dying. I sense something is different within you.” She answers Noah.

“I need to see Lily. I have to see Dillon and Quinton too. They might need me, they might be able to help me save somebody that needs saving.” Noah ponders endlessly.

“You’re needed back at home, Noah. I need you, my people need you. Your mother needs you. She’s been waiting for you for a long time.” She opined.

“My real mother? But… this is my home. It might not be where I’m from, but it’s all I’ve ever known. I… I don’t even know your name. How are you even able to read my mind? My tinnitus blocked others from reading or controlling my mind.” Noah responds as they continue to bridge their minds together in order to communicate.

“Firstly, my name is Ione. I’m known as the Nephilim, my father had no abilities, but my mother did. I believe they call you the Godsend. Do you still hear your tinnitus?” Ione calmly asks Noah.

“I… I don’t hear it anymore, no. Perhaps it had something to do with what happened. The Nomad was the only one that called me a Godsend. I’m not. I was stolen, led to believe I had a greater purpose, when my path was already laid out before.” Noah explains. “Wait… I can’t use my powers. They’re not working. What’s keeping me alive?” He replies with a bleak tone.

“Believe me when I say you truly are a Godsend. We need you, Noah. We’re so far away from home, so far away from any source of life. This is a barren and empty pit in space, reeking with horrendous energy from what just happened. Being in the centre of all that probably affected your powers.” Ione makes her observations known. “I need you to come home.” She utters.

“Home, as in where I came from? Where I was born?” Noah peers.

“Yes. Where you were born, your real home.” Ione responds blithely.

“After that, can you bring me back?” Noah requests.

“If you truly want to, then yes I shall.” Ione promises.

“I need to save Noah Bennet, I have to bring him back here. After all he did for me, I have to save him and get him home to his daughter. I need to save Hisoka too.” Noah exclaimed with a sanguine temperament.

“You can do that. We can save them together.” Ione nods. “I can’t stay here for long, Noah. A friend of mine is helping me from the other side, that’s how I’m able to withstand these conditions, but not forever.” She warns.

“I’m coming back. I’m not done here yet… Let’s go.” Noah accepts that whilst his current quest has come to an end, the unforeseen consequences that follow will inevitably lead him to further ones. Ione reaches out towards Noah, gesturing for him to take her hand. He reaches his arm out with pain, his skin slowly healing from the Epinova as he clutches onto Ione’s hand.

“I’ve got you. Let’s go home.” Ione whispers. “You were meant to do something extraordinary.” She murmurs gently with finality in her voice. The two fade away from the very fabric of this universe in order to return to the home that Noah has never known.

“Help me.” Hope whispers from within Noah, crying for freedom from the vessel in which she is trapped in.

“A child is born to innocence. A child is drawn towards good. Why then do so many among us go so horribly wrong? What makes some walk the path of darkness while others choose the light? Is it will? Is it destiny? Can we ever hope to understand the force that shapes the soul? To fight evil, one must know evil; one must journey back through time and find that fork in the road, where heroes turn one way and villains turn another.” – Mohinder Suresh
Heroes: Godsend - The Final Chapter
Heroes: Godsend - The Final Chapter: Wanton Warmonger

Chapter Nine: A Paladin's Absolution:…

After five years of imagining and just under two years of writing, Heroes: Godsend, my free-to-read fan novel is out now! Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. 

This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.

In 2010, I begun coming up with the idea for an independent web series titled Heroes Renatus. (…) I was both young and overly ambitious at that time. Years passed whilst I continued dotting down all the ideas I had come up with for Renatus. Come 2013 and NBC announced a limited revival of Heroes with the addition of Heroes Reborn. I felt strange considering Renatus means Reborn in Latin. I felt even stranger when the show aired and the company in it was called Renautus! (Alternate spelling of Renatus, but still Reborn in Latin.) - From then on, I renamed my project to Heroes: Godsend which was more fitting to the story I had to offer. Once Heroes Reborn was announced, I decided to turn all the ideas I had for Renatus into a fan novel instead. Now, just under two years since Reborn was announced, Godsend is complete. I've had a lot of ups and downs throughout writing this fan-novel, but I'm so pleased that it's out. I don't expect it to gain much traction or popularity, but I will be absolutely grateful to anybody who reads it. One other thing, you do NOT need to watch Heroes in order to understand the story in Heroes: Godsend, it contains original characters (With some characters from the show having a small role towards the end of the book). Understanding the general premise of Heroes helps a lot.

Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.
As Noah Bennet summarises his journey from America to England, time seemingly and suddenly slows down to a halt, as Noah falls unconscious. A figure emerges in his mind.

“Hello, Noah. My ears were burning.” A figure mutters slowly. “It’s about time you and I spoke about… matters of life and death.” He continues to mumble.

“Who are you?” Noah grunted, struggling to see the face of the mysterious stranger.

“What, you don’t recognise your own father?” He states rapidly. “Sorry, not your real father, I didn’t mean to get your hopes up.” The Nomad reveals himself as he emerges from the shadows. Noah instantly reacts by attempting to attack him. “I’m afraid that I must disappoint you by revealing that I’m not really here, I am merely inside your mind.” He clarifies.

“How are you doing this? We destroyed the chip. Do you have the power to stop time too?” Noah shudders.

“Perhaps I’m nearer than you think. And not at all, I certainly wish I had that abilitiy. Our conversation will be over before it even begins. It is amusing how the mind can be manipulated in such a way that our lovely chat can feel like an eternity to finish, when really it’ll take but a millisecond.” The Nomad explains.

“What do you want?” Noah exclaims angrily whilst The Nomad changes the scenery in Noah’s mind, revealing the bunker in which Noah grew up in.

“I wanted you to know that you’re ready. You seem to have taken your eye off the ball as far as the Godsend Device is concerned, I’m here to correct your course and lead you to the right place. Thank you, however, for taking care of Wildcard. He’s the first clone to rebel against the programming of the Machine. You truly are a remarkable one.” The Nomad chuckles dryly. “I must admit, I wondered if you would recognise Frank. I will declare that it was truly painful for me to wipe your memory, given that I’d raised you myself.” He utters.

“You didn’t raise me. You imprisoned me and turned me into a murderer. The only thing that helped me see the error of my ways was Riley’s presence. How such a kind and caring person could have come from you, I’ll never understand.” Noah huffs aggressively.

“That’s a fair comment, but it won’t be forever. Your adolescent years were filled with extremely vital training. After our plan has come into effect, you will be free to do whatever you like.” The Nomad responds carefully.

“No. Everything I did was a consequence of the choices you made. My very existence here is a consequence of the choices you made. My life, this entire path was set out for me before I could even walk.” Noah mutters whilst The Nomad changes the scenery again, taking them to the field where he was hit by the missile.

“Oh, do be quiet. If I left you in that other universe, you’d have died by the time you were nine. I checked your future out before I rescued you from that hellish universe, do you think I would have taken you with such reckless abandon? Everything I have done is for the greater good.” The Nomad lies through his teeth.

“If you could truly see the future, which you can’t, then you should’ve seen that your plan was ultimately flawed.” Noah grunted.

“No, no, no. Definitely not. There’s only ever been one complication with you, the tinnitus you developed after The Event actually blocked me from being able to read your mind. That was challenging, to say the least. Aside from a few rocky moments with Wildcard, the plan is totally intact. Hisoka may have given you evidence that turned you against me, but he actually corrected your course without realising it.” The Nomad explains hastily.

“What makes you think I’ll operate the Godsend Device now, after everything you’ve done?” Noah speaks sharply.

“What made you kill Hope? Years of training, pure instinct. The very same instinct that will drive you to using the Godsend Device. If you should happen to exhibit a bit of free will, I’ll just have to encourage you some other way.” The Nomad answers softly.

“I won’t ever—” Noah grunts, as he as rudely interrupted.

“Shut up. You saw the future, did you not? Let’s take one last look.” The Nomad titters and changes the scenery one last time, revealing the desolate wasteland of the future. “With or without me, this will happen. Have you ever considered that perhaps I’m the one who can prevent it?” He speaks quietly.

“No. I don’t believe you. People have died because of you.” Noah mutters.

“No, people died because of you. I never wanted The Preservation of Eden to kill people whose powers had been categorised. That was all Simon’s doing. He intimidated Jorah. I only wanted to kill time travellers.” The Nomad scowls.

“So that makes it okay, does it? I told a friend of mine that I was merely a Marionette, and that you were the Puppeteer. You’re cross because I’ve severed your strings. You were solely responsible for all the bad I did, and now that I’m good, you’re unhappy.” Noah argues.

“Good? You will never be good. You were born to be evil, like your father before you.” The Nomad murmurs bitterly. “And like your father, you too will succumb to your need for power. Enough of this, I need to remind you of something that you clearly missed. Do you remember the first man I wanted you to kill, the one I made you kill instead? The man whose powers were fuelled by human flesh? He was at home, in the bunker. When you were at Petrelli Manor, I made sure that you were slipped a subtle clue, that somebody whose powers were fuelled by human flesh was incarcerated underneath Petrelli Manor. Are you getting it now? Do I need to spoon-feed it to you?” He grimaces. Noah looks down in shock, facing the revelation that the bunker he lived in was beneath Petrelli Manor all this time. “I had to keep you close, didn’t I? I told you, everything was planned, I hand-crafted every single one of these dominos for you.” He continues to glower. “See you very soon, Noah. I’ll be waiting.” He whispers and fades away.

“Noah!” Noah Bennet shouts as he attempts to wake Noah up. “Noah, can you hear me?!” He continues to shake Noah who slowly wakes up, startled by the vision he saw.

“Are you okay, Noah?” Hiro asks caringly.

“The Nomad, he appeared to me. I think he made me collapse just so he could speak to me.” Noah reveals.

“What?!” Noah Bennet shouts.

“First it was Hope, then Riley, now it’s the Nomad. I’m having too many of these telepathic discussions that require me to be unconscious.” Noah stammers as he begins to stand up. “I know where he is. I know where I need to go.” He explains impatiently.

“You’re not going alone. This is why we’re here. We have to be here.” Noah Bennet argues.

“I can’t have your blood on my hands too.” Noah complains.

“You won’t, Noah. I promise, but we’re coming with you. No arguments.” Noah Bennet insists and notices that Hiro has disappeared. “Hiro?” He calls out in panic and looks around the house, unable to find his dear friend. Minutes pass and there is no sign of Hiro. “Can you find him?” He places both his hands on Noah’s arms as they stand next to the window.

“I don’t know, my powers aren’t that straightforward.” Noah answers.

“Noah.” Dillon speaks quietly as she stands beside Hiro.

“Hiro, where were you?” Noah Bennet exclaims.

“The future.” Hiro whispers.

“Dillon, where’s Quinton?” Noah wonders.

“He’s fine, he’s still at one of the Manors helping refugees out. Hiro brought me back, he needs us two to help him.” Dillon answers.

“I have an idea, Noah.” Hiro explains as they all gather around in a circle. “The Nomad wants to kill me. He will succeed. I have an idea that might prevent that from happening.” He suggests.

“You don’t know that, Hiro. Angela wouldn’t send you to your death, surely?” Noah Bennet shakes his head nervously.

“Perhaps she didn’t see it.” Hiro answers. “Noah, Dillon, I want you two to see if you can create a replica of me, like you do with your powers, Dillon. If we can convince The Nomad that I’m dead, he won’t go after me anymore. I don’t want you to make a clone like the ones made in that machine of theirs, just an illusion. I know it’s hard for you to use your powers, Noah, so perhaps if you work with Dillon, you might be able to do it.” He states.

“I’ve done it before. I know how.” Dillon answers.

“Do you need Noah to help?” Hiro wonders.

“Yes, I couldn’t do it alone before, but with Noah here, I should be able to do this. We need to join hands.” Dillon instructs them whilst they join hands together. Noah Bennet walks towards the window in the living room.

“I’ll be home soon, very soon.” Noah Bennet whispers to himself as he stares longingly into the night sky, the crescent moon glimmering on the dark street. Hiro, Dillon and Noah continue to hold hands as they focus on creating a copy of Hiro. Suddenly, a duplicate of Hiro emerges from his body and stands behind him.

“Thank you, Dillon.” Hiro smiles and nods.

“You’re welcome, Hiro. I just hope this works out.” Dillon replies happily.

“What are you going to do, Hiro?” Noah asks patiently.

“I shall stay here whilst you go and confront The Nomad. If you need my help, use my duplicate self.” Hiro insists.

“That won’t work, he’s just an illusion of yourself, he can’t use your abilities.” Dillon answers regretfully.

“Damn.” Hiro grunts. “Noah should be able to help, but if you truly need me, come and get me.” Hiro suggests.

“Of course, but I’m not putting you at risk.” Noah states. “I’m so tired. I haven’t slept since… well I don’t think I’ve had a proper sleep since this all happened.” He complains as Dillon and Hiro walk out of the back room with him.

“You better get used to it.” Noah Bennet walks up to him and places his hand on Noah’s shoulder and smiles, staring into the back room that Noah came from.

“We’ve sorted out the first manor, but I should get back to Quinton, we’re waiting for a lift to the next one.” Dillon nods energetically.

“Okay, I will take you back and take you and Quinton to the next manor.” Hiro smiles. “Good luck, Noah, and other Noah too. I will be waiting here for you both.” He added.

“You better hope The Nomad doesn’t catch wind of this.” Noah Bennet murmurs.

“Let’s get going.” Noah nods and places his hands onto Hiro’s illusion and Noah Bennet, teleporting them into the bunker in which he grew up in.

“What is this?” Noah observes as a specific path of lights and petals have been laid out in the hallways of the bunker, designed to lead Noah straight to The Nomad.

“It might be a trap.” Noah Bennet whispers.

“He doesn’t want me dead, he needs me. It’s you I’m worried about.” He murmurs and follows the trail down through the corridors of the bunker. “Wait.” Noah stops dead in his tracks as he senses something from a door at the end of a dark, unlit corridor. He slowly turns his head towards the ominous door and tilts his head cautiously.

“What is it, Noah?” Noah Bennet asks as he places his hand apprehensively onto his gun.

“His office is down there… I can feel something coming from inside.” He answers quietly and proceeds to walk down the blackened corridor.

“That’s leading away from the trail, Noah.” Noah Bennet mutters whilst he realises that Noah is completely ignoring what he is trying to say. He reluctantly follows him, as Hiro’s illusion lags slightly behind. Noah carefully wraps his hand around the cold door handle and steadies his breath, unsure of what he is sensing from inside this room.

“Are you okay, Noah?” Noah Bennet speaks quietly and places his hand on Noah’s shoulder.

“No. This is his office. He never usually let us in here. He might be inside.” Noah answers worriedly and hesitates to open the door. He slowly gains the confidence to enter the room, slowly pushing down on the handle and swinging the door open. The door to the small prison room casts a dark shadow as it lies open, an unusual state for such a secretive room. Noah slowly walks through the door and his lips begin to quiver, he slouches with a heavy heart as he refuses to believe what he’s seeing.

“Is that—” Noah Bennet whispers.

“Riley.” Noah grunts mournfully and stares at his step-brother’s corpse, which has been placed inside one of the jail cells in order to keep it safe.

“Why didn’t The Nomad bury him?” Noah Bennet wonders.

“As heartless as he is, even he hoped that one day he’d have his son back.” Noah answers and kneels down next to Riley’s body and places his hand onto Riley’s cold cheek.

“Can you save him?” Noah Bennet talks with anticipation.

“In another future, I did. It’s too late in this one.” Noah whispers tragically as he realises that no matter how hard he concentrates, he is unable to restore Riley’s conscience and his life force. The dominant conscience in Noah’s body has destroyed what remains of Riley.

“Hope, are you there?” Noah whispers to himself. “Can you hear me?” He mutters. With no answer, Noah continues trying to restore his stepbrother’s conscience into his body. “Please, please, please.” He murmurs under his breath, forcefully pushing both of his hands against Riley’s body.

“I’m sorry, Noah. He’s gone. The explosion sped up his decay, when it weakened your body, it lessened your hold on him. I think I’m only here because somehow my body is too. The Nomad didn’t predict Wildcard going rogue, therefore he never predicted anything that could have happened following the bomb, including the exponential state of decay that Riley’s conscience faced.” Hope answered.

“He’s gone.” Noah stammered.

“I’m sorry, Noah. I really am.” Noah Bennet expresses his condolences as he fiddles around with a small keypad on the wall.

“He had the ability to create clones, why didn’t he create a clone of Riley in order to put his conscience into my body instead? He didn’t know that powers didn’t work on clones back then. Or anybody else’s for that matter? It never had to be Riley.” Noah murmurs.

“Perhaps somehow, he knew. You know how secretive The Nomad is, he couldn’t let any outsiders get involved with his plans. It had to be Riley.” Noah Bennet explains and continues tampering with the keypad, revealing another secret room next to The Nomad’s office. A warbling sound emanates from the dimly lit room as Noah discovers another machine.

“What on earth is this?” Noah Bennet mutters anxiously.

“I think that’s Michael, my stepsister Alex told me stories about him when I was a child, but I always thought he was a myth. She used to break into these hidden rooms, you see, but I never believed her.” Noah talks alarmingly and rushes towards the machine.

“The Michael? Dillon and Quinton told me about him.” Noah Bennet follows Noah towards the machine.

“What use could The Nomad possibly have for Michael in this machine?” Noah ponders.

“I think I know. When I was with Dillon and Quinton on our way to find you during your fight with Wildcard, I theorised that somebody from your universe would find their way over to ours in order to rescue you. The Nomad had to ensure that would never happen and to do so, he put Michael into a machine to block others from ever entering our universe.” Noah Bennet stares and nods slowly as he observes a middle aged woman who is also connected to the machine. “That’s what she’s here for too, if Michael’s powers are just to jump into other universes, that’s not enough to block people from coming into our universe. This woman must have power blocking abilities or something similar that’s tuned into the machine in order to prevent anybody with Michael’s powers from crossing over into our universe.” He continues theorising.

“How do you work all of this out?” Noah shrugs.

“I was at the top of my field for a very good reason.” Noah Bennet smiles.

“Wait a minute.” Noah mutters to himself as he walks up to the vat containing the unconscious woman. “Somebody who helped me yesterday, Hisoka, he told me that The Nomad was holding onto his wife. What are the chances that this might be her?” He contemplates and places his hand on the vat. The woman suddenly awakes inside the container and panics at the presence of three strangers in the room. Unlike the machine Dillon and Quinton were trapped in, this one contains no liquid. With a respiratory mask on her face, the woman is unable to scream or speak. She slams her hands on the glass container and gives a distraught look towards both Noahs.

“Stand back.” Noah Bennet raises his gun at the console and prepares to shoot.

“What are you doing? There’s no guarantee that will do anything, it might even kill them. Plus, it’ll cause a lot of noise. Let me try something.” Noah suggests whilst the female figure watches on unsure of what they are saying. He walks back towards the vat and places his hands onto it, concentrating on the female figure inside. Noah closes his eyes as the thick glass begins to vibrate. He immediately opens his eyes and successfully teleports the woman outside of the container and next to Noah Bennet.

“You’re learning to control it.” Noah Bennet smiles surprisingly. “Are you okay?” He takes off his jacket and gives it to the barely clothed and trembling woman to wear. She nods rapidly and pulls the respiratory mask from her face and drops it onto the floor.

“I could feel it. Him. Death. I think he died some time ago, but his powers were still filtering into the machine. It has a system to keep the most basic functions of the brain working, I know because I helped make it. Because we were connected through it, all I could feel was this absolute depression resonating from him through me.” The woman explains snakingly. “Thank you, thank you so much.” She cries.

“Michael’s dead?” Noah mutters and walks up to the container to gaze upon the old, lifeless and preserved body of Michael, his abilities still functional through the machine. “This machine is different from the one Dillon and Quinton were plugged into, it looks older.” He observes and places his hand onto the container with Michael inside.

“Noah was wondering something, are you Hisoka’s wife?” Noah Bennet asks quietly.

“I am! Do you know Hisoka? Is he alright?” The woman exclaims. “I’m Catherine Quincy, by the way.” Catherine introduces herself.

“I’m Noah Bennet, he’s Noah Gray. We share the same forename.” Noah Bennet responds calmly.

“Who’s he?” Catherine mutters quietly.

“My name is Hiro Nakamura, master of time and space.” Hiro’s illusion smiles as a muffled scream suddenly emits from Michael’s vat.

“He’s back.” Noah exclaims.

“Ever since you left this place, you’ve really begun to hone in on your abilities, I’m pleased. Maybe we can stop The Nomad after all.” Noah Bennet smiles whilst Noah teleports Michael out of the container.

“Are you Michael?” Noah nods questioningly.

“Noah? You’ve grown so much. I am… I am.” Michael murmurs with a surprised tone.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you, Michael.” Noah mutters regretfully.

“It’s okay. You’re what, seventeen, eighteen? How many years have we been in this machine for?” Michael shudders.

“I’m seventeen. My powers still haven’t reached their full capability based on what I’ve heard. Needless to say, The Nomad wasn’t happy about the delay in his plan when my powers came about later than normal.” Noah explains hastily.

“I was loyal to The Nomad. He sold me a very different idea from the one he wanted to enact. I strongly believed he wanted to save the world and that I’d have a part in doing so. I’m sorry.” Michael stammers.

“You have a part in it now.” Noah reassures Michael. “Listen, the Nomad isn’t far, you and Catherine need to leave as soon as possible.” He instructs Michael and Catherine.

“Where’s my husband?” Catherine stumbles towards Noah and mutters with great concern.

“I intend to find out, but for now, please go. I promise I’ll find him.” Noah answers whilst Michael nods and leads Catherine outside of the room. “Wait.” He calls out quietly.

“What is it?” Michael asks carefully.

“I should teleport you somewhere safer so he can’t just come after you. Just in case.” Noah insists. “Now, with my powers as they are at the moment, I can only teleport you to places I know about or see in some form. I’ll send you to a safe-house, there’ll be a man there named Hiro, tell him I sent you two and he will help you.” He explains whilst placing his hands onto Michael and Catherine.

“Isn’t this Hiro right here?” Catherine mutters.

“My name is Hiro Nakamura, master of time and space.” Hiro’s illusion smiles whilst Catherine stares at him with great confusion on her face. Noah Bennet shakes his head and waves his hand as a gesture to disregard Hiro’s illusion.

“Trust me, Hiro is waiting for you at the safe house.” Noah utters confidently.

“Thank you.” Michael and Catherine express their appreciation. Noah nods and teleports them away to safety.

“Are you ready?” Noah Bennet stares into Noah’s concerned eyes.

“Promise me that if things go wrong, you guys get out of here.” Noah requests.

“No. I won’t.” Noah remarks, withdrawing his gun and walks outside of the room whilst Hiro’s illusion follows him. “Are you coming?” He argues. Noah sighs as he reluctantly follows them down the corridor, continuing to embark on the trail The Nomad has set for them.

“This is where it happened.” Noah whispers to himself as they reach the trail’s end.

“Where what happened?” Noah Bennet wonders.

“This is where my brother died.” Noah answers.

“Yes it is.” The Nomad abruptly enters the corridor from behind a corner. Noah Bennet aims his gun towards him. “Let’s just talk about this calmly.” He approaches them steadily, causing both Noahs to slowly step back in apprehension. “I must thank you for stopping the bombs from falling. My company is being investigated now, looks like I won’t be running it for much longer, it might undergo a facelift. No matter, soon enough that won’t be a problem at all.” He expresses his gratitude.
“We fixed your problem, Nomad. You need to fix the rest of them.” Noah Bennet insists.

“What problems? The plan is still intact. Noah doesn’t need to be fully trained to use the Godsend Device. This will give us all a better future, Noah. Your daughter won’t ever have to be afraid of not being normal anymore.” The Nomad nods as Noah Bennet rapidly approaches him, pressing his gun into The Nomad’s forehead. “Why do you see me as a villain? May I ask you that? How is it that I’m the villain here?” He continues nodding, pleading for an answer.

“How is it that you cannot see that you’re the villain here?” Noah argues. “You kidnapped me as a baby, took me from my parents and probably killed them too. You killed your own son and sought to kill anybody who got in the way of your precious plan.” He shouts.

“I consider myself to be… chaotic good… on the alignment system. I do what I believe is the right thing.” The Nomad shrugs his shoulders and purses his lips.

“No. No good person kills another. You’re evil.” Noah Bennet murmurs.

“Listen to me carefully, Mr. Bennet. I’m giving you the opportunity to have a perfect life with your daughter. No more fears, no more concerns and certainly no more complications. It’ll be a perfect life for us all. Humanity will prevail more than ever before.” The Nomad speaks encouragingly.

“As nice as that sounds, it’d never last. You would end up either causing the extinction of humanity, setting off the bombs again, or worse. We’ve seen it. I’d rather live a life with Claire filled with love and anger than to live in an almost emotionless one.” Noah Bennet clamours.

“Don’t be stupid. Time travelling to the future is the most useless ability there can be. Once you arrive into the future, you’re touching an alternate timeline because the future may have already changed by the time you’ve arrived there. Time is fluid, the future changes with every single choice made by every single individual. The tiniest snowball grows into the largest avalanche, changing the course of history in one way or another.” The Nomad argues and spits, growing tired of the endless complaints that are being presented to him. “One of the main reasons I set up the Preservation of Eden was to ensure that we could imprison or destroy all those with time travellers. Luckily it’s such a rare ability as it is. I see you brought the time traveller with you. Risky choice. I told you that the next time I’d see you, you’d die. I can’t afford to have somebody wandering through time and space and altering my plan.” He growls.

“My name is Hiro Nakamura, master of time and space.” Hiro’s illusion smiles.

“Yes, I know. We’ve met.” The Nomad drawled in annoyance.

“Leave him alone.” Noah grunts.

“Oh I’m not going to do anything, Noah. You are.” The Nomad smirks and begins to control Noah’s mind, forcing him to raise his hand towards Hiro. “Now, your father used to kill his victims in a very artistic way. Let’s have you adopt his signature move, shall we?” He growls, forcing Noah to keep his index and middle finger up and aimed towards Hiro’s head, who stares at Noah in complete silence.

“Don’t do this.” Noah stammers. “Please.” He groans.

“Goodbye, Hiro.” The Nomad grunts, controlling Noah’s powers and making him slice his fingers sideways, slashing Hiro across the forehead through and through. The top of Hiro’s illusion’s head slides off onto the floor, followed by his collapsing body. The Nomad examines their reactions and closely inspects Hiro’s body from a safe distance. “Very clever. Oh I’ll admit that is very clever indeed.” He chuckles with a smirk and walks up to Noah, rapidly placing his hand onto Noah’s forehead and sees into his memories.

“Noah, Dillon, I want you two to see if you can create a replica of me, like you do with your powers, Dillon. If we can convince The Nomad that I’m dead, he won’t go after me anymore.” Hiro suggests.

“You thought you could trick me?” The Nomad mutters.

“What do you mean?” Noah grunts.

“Don’t play games with me!” The Nomad yells. “I know that isn’t Hiro. Both your faces are a big tell. I’ve seen people who have watched people die in front of them. Some fall into shock, others into despair, but both of your reactions were somewhat forced.” He reveals calmly.

“Noah.” Noah mumbles fearfully.

“It’s okay.” Noah Bennet mutters. “It’s okay.” He nods reassuringly.

The Nomad lifts his hand impatiently and lifts his head, focusing on controlling Noah’s powers again with the intention of teleporting the real Hiro to their location.

“How are you able to do this?” Noah grunts in pain.

“You misunderstand, my dear boy. I have had a great many years of experience with my abilities and the abilities of others, controlling other people is second nature to me. You haven’t had enough time to learn how to control the full extent of your abilities yet.” The Nomad explains whilst he successfully teleports the real Hiro in front of him. “Now, shall we try again?” He whispers menacingly.

“Hiro, go!” Noah Bennet shouts towards Hiro.

“Oh, no, no, no. You’re not going anywhere, Hiro.” The Nomad continues to control Noah’s mind and forcing him to prevent Hiro from leaving.

“I’m not doing this.” Noah shuddered.

“I do not tread on butterflies, Mr. Nomad. You have already committed a genocide upon these butterflies, altering time to your own gain. You are an evil man.” Hiro commented.

“You know, during my stay in America, I once met a woman who said a very similar thing to me. She could dream of the future and she saw me pulling the hypothetical trigger on the world.” The Nomad reminisces whilst Noah Bennet realises that he must be talking about Angela. “I told her that she must be wrong, all I want to do is improve the world so that we may hone our focus onto more important things like curing all cancers and diseases, saving our planet and terraforming it into a safer one, ridding the world of hunger and allowing every living soul to live their life in peace and happiness. No more war, no more terror. Do you know why I want to do this?” He mutters mournfully.

“You make your intentions sound good, but I know who you saw in America, because that’s how we found out about you. Angela is never wrong. If she saw you end the world, you will end the world.” Noah Bennet responded harshly.

“No. I never will. And I’ll answer my own question for all your sakes. I want to save our world and expand because we may very well be the only intelligent civilisation in existence. We may be the first, we may be the last. Each possibility is equally frightening. If we carry on hindering progress with pointless wars, we will be the cause of our own extinction.” The Nomad insists.

“If we let you go forwards with this plan, something will happen further down the line where you decide to end the world one way or another. We cannot afford to let that happen. I’m giving you this one chance to come with me and sort this out peacefully. I thought you of all people would appreciate that.” Noah Bennet suggests.

“You’ve become too much of a headache for me. Do you understand what you’re hindering? The very future of humanity, the future of existence itself!” The Nomad yells.

“Be quiet. It’s over. I’m not going to let you get away with all you’ve done so far. Either you come with me, or I’ll find a way to make you die right here, on this very spot.” Noah Bennet firmly gives the Nomad a choice.

“No, Noah, you can’t kill him, you know he reflects any damage.” Noah whispers.

“I like you, Bennet, but I want you to see that I’m right. So… I’ll let you go for now.” The Nomad rasps as he raises his hand and twists it into a fist, causing Noah Bennet to disappear.

“Noah!” Hiro shouts.

“What have you done?!” Noah yells.

“I sent him to where you came from… The Noah Bennet from that place is dead, much like your father. So he might just settle in over there.” The Nomad sneers evilly.

“You… You told me you couldn’t take me home… You took Michael’s powers?” Noah groans.

“He was my good friend, the man you freed from that machine, that’s okay by the way. I forgive you. We won’t need that machine after today. Michael was the one who found you for me and he was the one who believed in my plan with such dedication and passion. He agreed to be the first candidate for one of my Machines, one that I’d designed with the intention to copy powers over to another person. Unfortunately for Michael, he had second thoughts about my plan, so I had second thoughts about him too…” The Nomad explains monotonously. “Come on, Noah. Don’t be foolish. Surely even you know that I could never risk you going home, I could never risk somebody from the other side coming over to bring you back. Not with all that I have planned. The Godsend Device came from the other side. I’m fascinated by this device, it’s man-made, yet awe-inspiring. A true achievement. I feared to use it, however. Everybody who tried to operate the device just… ceased to exist. It was then designed to work for one single person, you.” He removes The Godsend Device from his jacket pocket and stares at it with admiration.

“Noah, don’t listen to him.” Hiro shudders quietly.

“Why me? What makes me so different?” Noah groans in shock.

“Omnipotence. Your power, of course. It is so great that even you cannot harness it yet. One day you will have the ability to do anything you can imagine, but you just need proper training and experience. You’ve not had long enough to explore them fully. Noah, you are the only living entity in all the universes I have explored who has such a power. You truly are a Godsend.” The Nomad speaks with admiration.

“Don’t… don’t call me that. If I were truly a Godsend, I’d have helped the hundreds or thousands of people out there who you’ve made to suffer!” Noah shouts. “I saw my father. I don’t know if it was a hallucination, but he was telling me about how weak I am, that I’m a waste of a life and he’s right. You took the possibility of a good life away from me.” He continues to mutter angrily.

“Oh, stop your whining.” The Nomad groans with impatience.

“You have one chance to go back from all of this, Nomad.” Hiro speaks reassuringly.

“Oh no… I’m too far gone. The plan… is too far gone. This needs to happen.” The Nomad exclaimed.

“Why don’t I just destroy the device? Have you ever contemplated what might happen if I tried to do that?” Noah huffs under his breath.

“The Godsend Device is beautiful as it is devastating. If it were destroyed or used incorrectly, the powers within it would manifest and explode with the strength of a hundred supernovas… An Epinova... I’m not telling tales either, I saw the onset happen in another world. However, the world we live in is the only world that resulted in the Sullivan Incident. All the others I visited it had it happen elsewhere, or not at all…” The Nomad informs Noah of the uniqueness of this universe and all universes.

“You may not be my father, but you raised me. You sure as hell know I’d rather die before letting you kill everybody.” Noah speaks sharply.

“You misunderstand my intentions, Noah. I merely wish to improve the very condition of the human race, to make certain… changes for the future.” The Nomad clarifies and puts the Godsend Device back inside of his inner jacket pocket.

“Through manipulation and murder? No. You can’t be trusted.” Noah grunts.

“Only those who stand in our way, like the time traveller here.” The Nomad clamours. “You need your training, Noah. You need to understand the true extent of your abilities.” He insists, whilst controlling Noah to raise his hands once more towards Hiro.

“I’m not doing this, Hiro.” Noah stammers fearfully.

“I know.” Hiro answers. “It’s okay.” He smiles with courage.

“Well, well. Time to go.” The Nomad rasps.

“Remember what I said, Noah? It is not the sword, it’s the man. You don’t need it this time. You never did, neither did I.” Hiro murmurs confidently. Immediately, Noah breaks free of The Nomad’s control and raises his hand towards The Nomad, violently throwing him against a wall whilst Noah takes the full-force of the impact. The Nomad stands up impatiently, having felt no pain at all from reflecting it onto Noah.

“Then I’ll have to do it myself.” The Nomad growls whilst he shakes his jacket.

Noah raises his hands again, forcing The Nomad to remain stuck in place and preventing him from moving or using his powers completely.

“This… is… interesting.” The Nomad chortles as he tries to break free.

“Hiro, go!” Noah struggles to hold The Nomad in place.

“I won’t leave you.” Hiro remarks and walks up to Noah.

“You have to. You have to. We’ll find Mr. Bennet, I promise. I can’t let you die. Please.” Noah pleads.

“Noah, I will go, but I’m coming straight back. I’m going to get help.” Hiro reassures Noah and teleports away.

“Goddamn it!” The Nomad screams angrily and expresses a fit of rage and causes Noah to suffer from a great deal of pain. He grabs his head in pain and loses his control of The Nomad. “I raised you! You dare disrespect me?! You ignore my every instruction and rebel against your own father?!” He yells, spitting from his mouth. Noah falls to his knees in great pain and attempts to block The Nomad from using his powers. Slowly, he stands up and begins to repress the uncomfortable levels of damage being inflicted upon him. Noah begins surging his powers and heatwaves begin to emit around his body.

“You’re not my father.” Noah growled.

“So, this is what it comes to? We’re back to where we started. How poetic.” The Nomad shakes his head in annoyance.

“Except this time, you don’t have another son to kill.” Noah retorted as his abilities begin emanating shockwaves and the concrete walls begin to crack. “I can feel you trying to dig into my mind. Try it.” He dares The Nomad, who begins to repress Noah’s powers and causes them to die down. The lights begin to shatter and the room falls dark.

“Don’t do this. Look at it, look at how beautiful it is. We can do this together.” The Nomad implores as he reaches for the Godsend Device.

“You can’t stop me without having something like another conscience to keep my abilities at bay. That’s how it works, right?” Noah murmurs as his powers are constantly growing and shrinking as the two mentally fight against each other for control over Noah’s powers. Noah shouts with an echo as his orange eyes begin to glow, becoming one of the only light sources in the darkening room. The constant battle reverberates around the entire room as The Nomad struggles to keep Noah at bay. Suddenly, a stupendous shockwave leaves Noah’s body as he wins the fight. The blast collapses the entire corridor and its floor, causing Noah and The Nomad to fall through it. The wave continues obliterating the walls and floors of the lower levels until they crash violently into the sewer below.

Hiro teleports next to Angela in the park where he and Noah Bennet last met her. Hiro slowly approaches Angela, hesitant to reveal the outcome of their plan.

“Angela.” Hiro mutters whilst steadily approaching Angela in a park.

“Hiro. What’s happened?” Angela asks worriedly.

“It’s Noah Bennet. He’s gone. The Nomad sent him to another universe.” Hiro answered. “We will save him. We will bring him home. I have to get help. I’m going to need Ando, I want to teleport as many reinforcements as possible. The Nomad is a bigger threat than I ever imagined.” He speaks reassuringly.

“This is all my fault, Hiro.” Angela reaches out to hold onto his arms as she loses her balance. Hiro helps her to sit down on a bench.

“What… what do you mean?” Hiro whispered.

“I left out a very importance piece of information from my dreams, it was so selfish of me. If I hadn’t done so, perhaps Noah would still be with us.” Angela stammered.

“He is still with us, just not in this world. What did you leave out, Angela?” Hiro asked nervously.

“It wasn’t just you and Noah that I saw in my dreams, Hiro. Somebody else was supposed to go with you too, but I didn’t tell you, I didn’t tell him.” Angela’s lips begin to shake.

“Who?” Hiro presses.

“Peter, my son.” Angela reveals. “I didn’t tell anybody because in my dreams, The Nomad had him killed. I couldn’t bear to lose another child.” She explained fearfully.

“You don’t know that. The Nomad wanted to kill me, but Noah and a friend of his created an illusion of me instead, so it only looked like I died. That might have been the same for Peter if he went.” Hiro responded.

“No… They saw your death coming because you’re a time traveller. Peter isn’t.” Angela shook her head in defeat.

“He might have been if he came along, he might have borrowed the ability from me.” Hiro pointed out a possibility. Angela stammers, unable to form an intelligible response. She takes a deep breath and sighs towards Hiro.

“Either way, Noah Bennet is gone because of me, because of my selfishness.” Angela stared blankly.

“We will save him, Miss. Petrelli.” Hiro reassures Angela.
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Nine
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Nine: A Paladin's Absolution

Chapter Eight: Just Like Old Times:…
The Final Chapter: Wanton Warmonger:…

After five years of imagining and just under two years of writing, Heroes: Godsend, my free-to-read fan novel is out now! Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. 

This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.

In 2010, I begun coming up with the idea for an independent web series titled Heroes Renatus. (…) I was both young and overly ambitious at that time. Years passed whilst I continued dotting down all the ideas I had come up with for Renatus. Come 2013 and NBC announced a limited revival of Heroes with the addition of Heroes Reborn. I felt strange considering Renatus means Reborn in Latin. I felt even stranger when the show aired and the company in it was called Renautus! (Alternate spelling of Renatus, but still Reborn in Latin.) - From then on, I renamed my project to Heroes: Godsend which was more fitting to the story I had to offer. Once Heroes Reborn was announced, I decided to turn all the ideas I had for Renatus into a fan novel instead. Now, just under two years since Reborn was announced, Godsend is complete. I've had a lot of ups and downs throughout writing this fan-novel, but I'm so pleased that it's out. I don't expect it to gain much traction or popularity, but I will be absolutely grateful to anybody who reads it. One other thing, you do NOT need to watch Heroes in order to understand the story in Heroes: Godsend, it contains original characters (With some characters from the show having a small role towards the end of the book). Understanding the general premise of Heroes helps a lot.

Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.
“I’d had a few calls from Angela Petrelli, she can dream of the future. She kept telling me about a threat called The Nomad, that he would bring about a world in which we have no control of ourselves. I dismissed it as nothing more than an onset of severe paranoia after the Sullivan Incident. She was having dreams left, right, and centre. I didn’t take this one seriously at first. I was dealing with the fallout from the Sullivan Incident and I had to focus on that. It wasn’t until she told me that it didn’t matter what this Nomad would do, he’d bring about the end of the world anyway. that’s when I knew I had to listen.” Noah Bennet recalls his conversation with Angela Petrelli.

“Angela.” Noah Bennet calls out.

“Noah, thank you for coming.” Angela expresses her appreciation.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come before.” Noah Bennet apologises.

“You had your own issues to deal with, Noah. You had to sort Claire out, you have a lot of your own problems, I understand.” Angela explains.

“Why do you want my help? I thought I’d be the last person you’d want any help from.” Noah Bennet stammers in confusion.

“Somebody has broken the rules, Noah. Somebody broke the rules, there exists a boy in this world who was never born. A boy of such great power, but also of such great goodness.” Angela mutters.

“A boy who was never born? What do you mean?” Noah Bennet asks for clarification.

“It wasn’t until my last dream that I could truly confirm it. Parallel universes exist, Noah. There is a man who can jump into other universes where things are very similar, or very different. I don’t know this man’s name, but I know him only as The Nomad. He called himself this to remind himself of his constant travels to and from other universes.” Angela explains calmly.

“I suppose after everything we’ve seen, the idea of parallel universes shouldn’t be too hard to believe. Who is this boy?” Noah Bennet responds, accepting the existence of parallel universes immediately.

“He shares your name, Noah. He is Sylar’s son, but not our Sylar, one from another universe. The Nomad went into a parallel universe and took him from his parents and probably killed them. He’s called Noah Gray. I believe Elle Bishop is the mother. There’s a reason for all of this, The Nomad is planning something big and all I know is that it ends with the extinction of the human race.” Angela reveals. Noah rests his hand on his face, desperately trying to make sense of the situation.

“Why this boy? Why does The Nomad need him?” Noah Bennet questions Angela.

“My dreams were blurrier and hazier than ever when it concerned events on the other side, but after a few of them, I was able to piece the puzzle together. The Company thrived on the other side. Arthur and Maury, well, their alternate selves created something called The First Machine, The Nomad calls it The Godsend Device. An object so powerful it can grant anybody the abilities they desire. Everybody who tried to use it perished on the spot. You see, they killed and turned another version of Noah Gray into a weapon by harnessing his powers into this artificial stone. When they realised it couldn’t work without Noah, they reprogrammed the device to only work with his genetic fingerprint so nobody else would die from touching it. All I know is that The Nomad has the Godsend Device and another version of Noah Gray too. I need you to save him. He was raised in isolation, he’s never known the world like you and I do, he was a prisoner, a child forced to grow up thinking the outside world was a dangerous hive of villains and killers. He’s going to kill a lot of people, because of The Nomad. He was a scared little boy who is going to slowly learn that his step-father was a liar. You can change that, you can help him.” Angela encourages Noah Bennet.

“Don’t you want somebody like Peter to help? Why me?” Noah Bennet wonders.

“It has to be you, Noah. You have to be the one to encourage the boy, to make him see things for what they truly are, to give him hope that the majority of people in the world are truly good, because right now he thinks that everybody else is bad. I’ve asked for somebody else to help you too.” Angela explains, as she calls out to Hiro.

“Noah.” Hiro smiles, reaching out to shake Noah Bennet’s hand.

“Hiro, it’s so good to see you.” Noah Bennet exclaims whilst shaking Hiro’s hand.

“I didn’t just want Hiro to help get you there, I also need him to help Noah too. I saw you both help him in my dreams, so it has to be you two.” Angela explains further.

“Can we go back and prevent The Nomad from ever taking Noah in the first place?” Noah Bennet suggests.

“Absolutely not, Noah. The Nomad has screwed with time and space more than anybody I’ve ever known, I don’t know what the consequences are to altering such a pivotal event any further. The Nomad is far too powerful for any of us to stop, he can control minds and reflect any damage inflicted upon him. I believe he can also rapidly predict all possible consequences of his actions in order to decide the best possible approach. If he weren’t so powerful, you could shoot him in the head, but he’d see it coming from a mile away and he’d make you shoot yourself first. Your job is to save Noah Gray and to destroy The Godsend Device, then we’ll work out how to secure The Nomad.” Angela answers abruptly.

“So, this man ends the world?” Noah Bennet asks quietly.

“Not to begin with. I saw him making Noah use the Godsend Device so that The Nomad could enhance his powers to have such an enormous reach that it would affect the entire world. Through Noah, he granted himself a power that allowed him to alter the very genetic structure of human beings so that they would become peaceful entities. No more wars, no more fighting.” Angela answers.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Hiro remarks.

“Oh it gets worse, Hiro. He forces his pre-conceived idea of utopia upon the world, ridding us all of our own free will. He begins to control the world, and every single individual within it. As far as I could tell, it went well for just over a couple of years, then he became so disgusted with humanity that he…” Angela gasps worriedly.

“Angela?” Noah Bennet comforts her by placing his hand gently onto her shoulder.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, Noah.” Angela shudders.

“What did the man do?” Hiro asks calmly.

“He forced everybody to kill themselves at the same time. Billions of us dead in less than two minutes. Within five minutes, he was one of very few left.” Angela hesitantly answered.

“Then we need to stop him.” Noah Bennet nods, firmly grasping Angela’s shoulder to reassure her.

“You save Noah Gray, you save humanity. Find a way to get to him safely, and get The Godsend Device together.” Angela instructs.

“I’ll keep you updated, Angela. Where do we start?” Noah Bennet wonders.

“The Nomad lives in a bunker in England, not far from a place called Glasshearst, chances are Noah isn’t that far away. Take care, both of you. And Noah? Thank you.” Angela concludes, as Hiro places his hand onto Noah Bennet and teleports them away. Angela nervously sits down on a bench and tries to stop her hands from shaking. Hiro teleports them both into The Nomad’s bunker, where The Nomad is sitting impatiently on a chair with his hands on his legs. This ominous and cunning figure has a svelte appearance with neck-length hair as he dons a dark suit.

“I take it you were expecting us.” Noah Bennet mutters wittily.

“Hmm, two and a half minutes late. You see, despite all the planning I’ve done, I’ve discovered that the only method to resolve things with you two is through the simple usage of words. I kill either of you, and there’s no way I can stop the hellfire that will rain down upon me.” The Nomad murmurs whilst tapping his fingers on his legs.

“I don’t think you can talk your way out of this.” Noah Bennet stares quizzically.

“Out of what? I haven’t quite done anything yet, Mr. Bennet.” The Nomad smirks. “You see, my plans all surround a peaceful conclusion, one where humanity can leave together in peace.” He explains almost dolefully.

“You’re wrong. If you’re allowed to do what you plan to do, no matter what happens, the outcome is always the same.” Noah Bennet clarified.

“Care to explain what that outcome may be, Mr. Bennet?” The Nomad rolls his eyes.

“Extinction. Humanity’s extinction.” Noah Bennet proclaims.

“Impossible. In all my calculations, the extinction of mankind is not an outcome that can ever happen.” The Nomad demurred.

“Well then your calculations are incorrect.” Hiro countered.

“Mr. Nakamura. What a delight. The last time traveller, as far as I know, anyway.” The Nomad shrugs with a smirk. “Thank you for delivering yourself to me. You won’t be leaving this country alive, all time travellers are… complicated, as far as my plan is concerned.” He stares impassively, his eyelids pendulous.

“I cannot say the same, Mr. Nomad. It is not a delight to see you, I don’t take kindly to idle threats.” Hiro glares, pursing his lips moodily.

“Idle?” The Nomad chuckles. “I went through a very big day yesterday, you two. I’d rather avoid any more drama. Tonight before the break of dawn, my plan will come into effect. Any longer, and I won’t be able to save my son. I’m the only one who can.” He quarrels.

“Noah Gray is not your son. You stole him.” Noah Bennet blurts.

“Not that one. Riley, my son. His conscience is trapped inside Noah, for good reason too. I’ve been over the whole ‘you stole Noah’ accusation before, the childhood he’s had with me is far better than the one he was destined to have where he came from.” The Nomad mumbles.

“How can his childhood have possibly been better than the one he was meant to have? You raised him in an almost prophetic way, carving false instincts into his mind, allowing him to almost grow into a psychopath. I’ve seen that before, and I’d rather not see that in him.” Noah Bennet exclaims.

“You talk like you know him, Mr. Bennet.” The Nomad clamours.

“I know him enough. Enough to know that he’s good, we both do.” Noah Bennet whispers.

“Only because my son is trapped inside of him. If it weren’t for him, Noah would be as evil as he was destined to be.” The Nomad growls.

“Somehow I suspect that’s not the case, otherwise we would’ve known about him by now, you see?” Noah Bennet denies The Nomad’s claims. “Why is your son trapped inside of Noah anyway?” He asks impatiently.

“That is a story for another time.” The Nomad mutters.

“Sylar went through a similar thing.” Noah Bennet reveals.

“He did? How ironic. At least they’ll have something in common should they ever meet.” The Nomad chuckles dryly.

“You cannot stop us.” Hiro murmurs.

“I only want to make the future a better place. I want to prevent world wars, genocides, evil done by humans to humans. But right now, there is one problem I must take care of.” The Nomad walks to his right, and fiddles with some buttons on a control panel.

“What are you doing?!” Noah Bennet shouts alarmingly.

“Nothing that concerns you.” The Nomad sighs in an annoyed tone as he lifts the cover of a switch and presses it.

“This is it, this is how it begins.” Hiro mutters.

“You’ve launched a nuclear bomb?” Noah Bennet gasped, furrowing his brows worryingly.

“Nuclear? No.” The Nomad laughs manically. “I haven’t launched anything yet, and you’re not going to stop it either.” He murmurs darkly. Noah Bennet races towards the control panel, but The Nomad picks up his chair and begins smashing the control panel with it, rendering it useless.

“What have you done?!” Noah Bennet shouts and abruptly aims his gun at The Nomad.

“Are you aware of my powers, Mr. Bennet? You shoot me, and you may as well have shot yourself.” The Nomad’s corrupted eyes glanced askance at Noah Bennet. “Doesn’t matter if you catch me off-guard either, thankfully my ability works even when I’m sleeping.” The Nomad smirks.

“Where is he?” Noah Bennet insists on an answer and holsters his gun.

“Right now? At this moment in time, Noah is talking to… Wait a minute…” The Nomad stands up abruptly and turns away from Noah Bennet and Hiro. “Hisoka…” He mutters to himself.

“What’s going on?” Hiro whispers to Noah Bennet.

“Nothing good.” Noah Bennet answers.

“Hisoka… You’ve eluded me for long enough.” The Nomad speaks into Hisoka’s mind.

“Your powers won’t reach me here, Nomad.” Hisoka mumbles in pain.

“Haven’t you forgotten that chip I implanted into all of my employees so that my abilities will reach them?” The Nomad smirks.

“You told me that I didn’t have one. You lied.” Hisoka grunted.

“Are you really surprised, dearie?” The Nomad speaks through his teeth, smiling.

“No, no. This can’t be happening. Get back! Don’t do this!” Hisoka shouts out to Noah Gray, warning him. The Nomad closes his eyes tightly and concentrates on exiling Hisoka into a parallel universe.

“Now, where were we?” The Nomad sighs “Oh yes. Noah is in a hospital right now saying goodbye to an ill-fated friend who he severely wounded. Right now I suspect he’s on his way back to Dillon and Quinton, two of his other friends. Well, they’re all Riley’s friends really. He was in control of Noah’s body for the most part until his conscience began to merge with Noah’s, faster than I imagined it would, faster than it ever should, really.” He explains as he is suddenly alarmed by a barely functioning monitor on his control panel. “Well, this makes for an interesting twist. I did not see this coming. Looks like we’ll have to cut our meeting short, gentlemen.” He scowls.

“What is it?” Hiro questions.

“You see, I make machines. Machines that work with people with powers in order to fulfil my own gains. One of these machines allowed me to clone people. I cloned Noah as a contingency, but his clone has gone rogue.” The Nomad reveals willingly.

“You’re tampering with things you shouldn’t be messing with, are you trying to play God?” Noah Bennet complains.

“Close, but not far off. Don’t be a basket-case.” The Nomad sighs tiredly. “It seems that our interests have aligned temporarily, gentlemen. Looks like you have two choices. You can capture me, or participate in your favourite hobby of trying to save the world. I’ll tell you where Noah Gray is.” He offers.

“We can do both.” Noah Bennet argues.

“No, you can’t. I won’t let you. You see, you go and I’ll let Hiro live… for now. Don’t rest anytime soon, I will kill you, Hiro.” The Nomad shrugs. “Noah is at the Preservation of Eden located thirteen miles north of Glasshearst. That’s where you’ll find him. Trust me when I say that no matter what you do, nothing can stop this avalanche now.” He smiles.

“You’re not killing anybody.” Noah Bennet scowls and places his hand on Hiro’s shoulder, walking them to the end of the room away from The Nomad.

“Hiro, there’s some old Primatech housing nearby, I think it’s abandoned now. They had some in most major countries but it’s somewhere we can safely hide. It’s a long way away from here.” Noah Bennet explains.

“We can go there, Noah. What about the other Noah?” Hiro asks.

“I want you to take us to a house in that area and then teleport me to find Noah on my own.” Noah Bennet answers.

“No, I will not leave you. Angela said we do this together.” Hiro argues.

“Hiro, please. I need you to stay at the house in case anything compromises our safe-house. Should that happen, you can come to me and we’ll find somewhere else to go. I can’t risk you dying. Visions or not, I won’t go against my instincts, ever.” Noah Bennet explains. He stares towards The Nomad, who tilts his head menacingly under a dimly lit light.

“Okay. I understand.” Hiro slowly agrees as he places his hand on Noah Bennet’s shoulder and teleports them into the street of the housing area. “Have you ever been here before?” He asks as a streetlight flickers over them, the dying lights fail to pollute the night sky, revealing a dark wonder of stars above.

“No, I knew people who did though. The person I remember the most was a man named Simon, he used to do the nastiest stuff to people. Thank God Primatech fired him. I wonder where he is today.” Noah Bennet ponders. “That house there, let’s go.” He directs Hiro as they quickly walk into a derelict, but structurally intact house.

“I don’t think we can do this alone, Noah.” Hiro raises his concerns.

“I trust Angela wouldn’t send us to our deaths, Hiro. She had her reasons for sending us alone. Soon enough, we won’t be alone. We’ll have Noah Gray on our side.” Noah Bennet responds calmly as he looks outside the window of the house they have taken solace in.

“Doesn’t it bother you that he is here, in our world? In a place where he shouldn’t be?” Hiro remarks.

“Of course it does. He has a biological father here and his mother is long dead, neither of which conceived him. Angela did say The Nomad probably killed his parents on the other side, but we don’t know that for sure. Either way, they’ve been deprived of their son’s childhood.” Noah Bennet explains.

“Should we contact him?” Hiro murmurs.

“Sylar? Not yet. How do you think you’d feel if you suddenly found out you had a son that you knew couldn’t exist, yet did?” Noah Bennet crosses his arms.

“I’d feel confused.” Hiro answers as he waves his hands dismissively.

“No, we’ll wait this out. Once it’s all over, then it’ll be up to Noah if he wants to see Sylar.” Noah Bennet decides. “Can you teleport me to the Preservation of Eden headquarters that The Nomad mentioned?” He requests.

“Doesn’t it seem too easy? Surely he’s leading you into a trap? Noah, he said his plan would come into effect no matter what.” Hiro argued.

“All the bad guys think their plans will succeed, why should he be any different? No. I saw him when he looked at that monitor. Noah’s there.” Noah Bennet answers as he checks his gun and holsters it. Hiro walks up to Noah worriedly and places his hand firmly onto his shoulder.

“Take care of yourself, Noah Bennet.” Hiro nods and teleports Noah Bennet outside the Preservation of Eden as alarms blare loudly. He runs around the Preservation of Eden trying to find an entry into the missile silos and walks through an emergency exit door in order to enter the area. As he runs down the corridor, he bumps into two figures.

“Don’t!” He yells, aiming his gun towards Dillon and Quinton as they raise their hands.

“Please don’t. Wait, you’re not from the Preservation of Eden, are you?” Quinton notices.

“No. I’m not. Where is Noah Gray?” Noah Bennet questions quickly.

“He’s… He’s inside!” Dillon shouts.

“I’m here to help. Dillon and Quinton, right?” Noah Bennet recognises the figures.

“Yes. Do you know Noah?” Quinton stammers.

“In another life, I suppose I do.” Noah Bennet nods as Dillon and Quinton lead Noah Bennet back towards the silo control panel. Loud crashing occurs as they run as fast as they can into the compound.

“Where is he?” Noah Bennet exclaims breathlessly.

“We missed him.” Dillon mumbles worriedly, observing the thick broken concrete shards on the ground. “Look, blood.” She notices.

“Noah’s blood?” Noah Bennet wonders.

“Either his, or Wildcard’s.” Dillon answers hastily.

“Wildcard?” Noah shakes his head in confusion.

“Noah’s clone. They called him Wildcard.” Quinton answers.

“How quaint.” Noah Bennet responds whilst he looks towards the opening of the silo. Alarms continue to blare as numbers begin counting down on a monitor.

“You can’t stop it?” Noah Bennet shouted over the alarms.

“I tried, I managed to stop every single one around the world because they were all activated here, but there’s one that I can’t stop because it was triggered elsewhere, if I can find out where it was activated, I can stop it.” Dillon answers.

“You can’t, it was a person called The Nomad, he activated it and destroyed the panels.” Noah Bennet explains.

“The Nomad?” Dillon walks in front of Noah Bennet and stares at him.

“Yeah. You know him?” Noah Bennet asks loudly.

“We know him, but we don’t know you.” Quinton stands parallel to Dillon. “What’s your name?” He demands.

“I’m Noah Bennet. I’m here to help stop The Nomad.” Noah Bennet answers.

“Noah? Same name as the other Noah?” Dillon raises her eyebrow.

“He was named after me, in another universe.” Noah Bennet explains.

“In another universe? Wait—” Quinton mutters.

“I don’t have time to explain all of this, look.” Noah Bennet stutters at he points to the monitor. Steam begins rising around the missile from the darkest depths of the silo, as the monitor begins counting down from thirty seconds. “We need to get out of here.” He states and impatiently grabs Dillon and Quinton, leading them hurriedly back outside as they retreat to a safe distance. As thirty seconds come to pass, Noah Bennet, Quinton and Dillon are running as far as they can go whilst the missile launches from the silo. Noah Bennet turns around and the three stare at the missile in shock as it launches into the dead of night.

“What can we do?” Dillon’s lips quiver.

“Wait.” Noah Bennet answers.

“You’re not here to help Riley?” Quinton wonders.

“I’ll do what I can to help everyone. Riley isn’t bad, is he?” Noah Bennet questions.

“God, no. Riley is what made Noah realise he was good. I’m still getting used to believing that Noah is good after what happened, but it wasn’t his fault.” Quinton answers.

“Then I will do what I can to help them both.” Noah Bennet promises as he places his hand on Quinton’s shoulder and looks upward into his eyes. “I’ve been thrown into the deep end here. I only learnt about Noah Gray less than three hours ago. All I know is that The Nomad is going to destroy mankind. I’m here to help Noah to stop him.” He explains.

“We’re here to help too.” Dillon nods and holds onto Quinton’s hand. “You said something about another universe?” She asks.

“The Nomad has a power to jump into other universes, he stole the Godsend Device from one and Noah from another.” Noah Bennet answers. Dillon and Quinton gasp quietly.

“We know that there are other universes, but not that Noah was from one… The Nomad… he must have worked out how to give himself powers.” Dillon murmurs.

“What makes you say that?” Noah Bennet wonders.

“Quinton and I, we tracked The Nomad for a long time and made sure what his powers were. Plane jumping or universe jumping, however you want to call it, wasn’t one of them. We were captured by him a while after that, and placed into one of his inventions in order to clone people. We created Wildcard.” Dillon answers.

“The Nomad created Wildcard, not you. He told me about the machine you were in, I’m sorry that you had to be subjected to his experiments. Maybe you just never knew that was one of his powers?” Noah Bennet answers and apologises as he keeps track of the missile’s position in the sky.

“No, he definitely wasn’t able to do that, judging from the records we found, he had a person called Michael do it for him.
He disappeared a long time ago. Did that happen in 1995?” Dillon asks Quinton.

“1994, I think.” Quinton asks.

“The same year Noah was taken. You’d think if someone was taken from a parallel universe, somebody else would try to get them back, right? But what if they couldn’t?” Noah Bennet theorises.

“What do you mean?” Dillon stutters.

“What were your powers? Together they had to be able to create clones, correct?” Noah Bennet speaks quickly as the missile begins to reach its peak.

“Yes, I have the ability to give and take life, Dillon has the ability to self-replicate. The Machine harnessed our ability.” Quinton answered.

“You say Michael disappeared, but I know for a fact that The Nomad has been jumping in and out of universes. What if he found out how to get that power, but he used Michael in another machine in order to prevent anybody from a parallel universe from crossing over?” Noah Bennet concludes his theory.

“That’s kind of far-fetched, Mr. Bennet. How do you know The Nomad can jump into other universes?” Dillon asks politely.

“A friend of mine, Angela Petrelli. She dreams of the future. Over the course of a few years she’s been having fuzzy dreams that she couldn’t interpret. Very recently, she was able to understand what these dreams meant and she saw The Nomad in another universe. She saw Noah Gray, she saw the Godsend Device and she saw the end of humanity. Angela warned me of this so that I can make sure these calamitous events don’t happen.” Noah Bennet answers.

“Then Michael might be in a machine, but his ability is to jump into other universes. That alone isn’t enough to prevent others from crossing over, you’d need somebody with a serious amount of strength to block that kind of power.” Quinton explains.

“That’s a problem for another time.” Noah Bennet surmises as he sees the missile curve in the night sky as it sets its sights on a target nearby. They run around the compound and enter a gigantic open field in order to continue following the missile trails as it flies ever so fast in the blackness above them. The missile penetrates clouds as it locks onto its foreordained target. Suddenly, the missile departs from the calm sky and strikes a field nearby. Seconds later, a gigantic boom is heard by Noah Bennet, Dillon and Quinton whilst they stare at the devastated field in the distance.

“Noah!” Dillon shouts whilst she runs into the distance, followed by Noah Bennet and Quinton.

“Noah!” Quinton calls out also, running towards the faraway field. After five minutes of running, they reach the annihilated field and search for Noah Gray. Noah Bennet looks around yearningly in shock as he tries to find The Impossible Son. He discovers tracks leading to a nearby church and sees a figure stumbling through the front doors.

“This way!” Noah Bennet shouts and sprints towards the church, followed by Dillon and Quinton. As they reach closer to the Church, Noah Bennet runs inside. On her way up the stairs, Dillon becomes distracted by a silhouette on a hill, refracted by the heat wave from the remnants of the explosion.

“Is that…?” Dillon gasps.

“Wildcard.” Quinton shakes his head. Wildcard stumbles away, refusing to cause a confrontation in his currently wounded state. Dillon grabs Quinton’s hand and they run inside of the church.

“That’s how we found you, Noah. It’s been a long evening for us. I have to say, it’s very strange for us to hear Sylar’s son with a British accent.” Noah Bennet concludes.
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Eight
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Eight: Just Like Old Times

Chapter Seven: The Impossible Son:…
Chapter Nine: A Paladin's Absolution:…

After five years of imagining and just under two years of writing, Heroes: Godsend, my free-to-read fan novel is out now! Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. 

This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.

In 2010, I begun coming up with the idea for an independent web series titled Heroes Renatus. (…) I was both young and overly ambitious at that time. Years passed whilst I continued dotting down all the ideas I had come up with for Renatus. Come 2013 and NBC announced a limited revival of Heroes with the addition of Heroes Reborn. I felt strange considering Renatus means Reborn in Latin. I felt even stranger when the show aired and the company in it was called Renautus! (Alternate spelling of Renatus, but still Reborn in Latin.) - From then on, I renamed my project to Heroes: Godsend which was more fitting to the story I had to offer. Once Heroes Reborn was announced, I decided to turn all the ideas I had for Renatus into a fan novel instead. Now, just under two years since Reborn was announced, Godsend is complete. I've had a lot of ups and downs throughout writing this fan-novel, but I'm so pleased that it's out. I don't expect it to gain much traction or popularity, but I will be absolutely grateful to anybody who reads it. One other thing, you do NOT need to watch Heroes in order to understand the story in Heroes: Godsend, it contains original characters (With some characters from the show having a small role towards the end of the book). Understanding the general premise of Heroes helps a lot.

Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.
The ground is barren, a wasteland that serves as an instant reminder of the beautiful devastation that occurred moments ago. Beautiful in such a sense that the world has been saved and one lonesome field paid the price. War has been avoided and Wildcard is gone. Riley is a distant memory, his final farewell forewarned Noah of the events to come. Noah winces as he struggles to even limp towards the nearest building, a dark and lonesome church that has barely been damaged by the dramatically devastating explosion. His vision blurs whilst his tinnitus grows exceptionally louder. In the distant fires, he sees his clone faltering away, an unexpected survivor of the unforgiving blast. As he walks with extreme difficulty towards the church, Noah wonders why he continues to search for the truth. He cannot fathom why he wishes to carry on learning how Riley’s conscience was merged with his own. Tiles fall from the front of the church as the structure faced the remnants of the explosion, they clatter onto the ground as Noah stumbles up the steps and through the broken doors into the church. He lurches into the building and passes the pews, leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Tiles fall from the uncomfortably high ceiling, creating an echoing bang as they fall from grace. Noah falls over before the steps that lead up to the lectern, passing out from tremendously unbearable pain. Blood pools around him whilst he lies unconscious.

“Weak. What a waste of a life. You are no son of mine.” Sylar mutters in Noah’s mind.

“Have you any idea of the sheer importance of the dangers I faced? Your so called problems are nothing more than the delirious and farfetched thoughts of a whinging child. You serve no purpose, you shouldn’t even exist. Get up. Get up and do the right thing for once. Get up!” Sylar yells in Noah’s mind whilst he tightens his eyelids, desperately trying to fight the pain.

“Get up!” A stranger shouts and shakes Noah’s body, slowly waking him up.

“We don’t have much time, they’ll be here soon. Come with me.” The stranger directs as three armoured agents for the Preservation of Eden rappel from a helicopter and smash through the once beautiful tinted glass, aiming their weapons towards a heavily vulnerable Noah. The stranger draws his firearm, a Strayer Voigt Infinity handgun, and begins shooting towards the Eden Agents, ridding of them one by one as they fall onto the fragments of glass that followed them into the church.

“Are you okay?” The stranger checks Noah for any signs of injury whilst the helicopter pilot retreats from the scene to fight another day.

“It’ll be going for backup soon, more of them will arrive in five, maybe ten minutes. We have to go.” The stranger continues as he finishes examining Noah, noticing his wounds have healed quickly.

“Who are you?” Noah groans, staring at the stranger, and his horn-rimmed glasses.

“We share the same name, you and I.” He revealed.

“Noah?!” Dillon and Quinton shout as they run across the breaking wooden floor.

“Yes?” The Noahs answer in unison.

“Noah, are you okay? Mr. Bennet helped bring us here.” Dillon’s voice shakes.

“I’m fine. Apparently I just needed to sleep it off. I’m fine… Riley, he’s gone.” Noah answers.

“What happened? I mean, how can he be gone? He’s part of you.” Quinton inquired.

“After the bomb hit, I saw Riley separate from me. It was all in my head. I was knocked unconscious after it hit us, I was ready to die. But Riley spoke to me and he reminded me why I need to carry on, I have to destroy the Godsend Device. The presence of Hope inside of me was slowly killing Riley. I’d like to think that he could see that I was no longer being manipulated by the Nomad and that he felt like he could let go. But… Wildcard is still alive.” Noah summarised.

“We need to go, Noah. More Eden agents will be after you now, so will the Nomad. I know people who can help you, people who can keep you hidden away.” Noah Bennet instructed.

“You don’t want to be around me. I’m unpredictable. I’m responsible for so much evil that has happened.” Noah stammered.

“You’re not evil, Noah. You saved my life, you saved our lives. You didn’t have to do that, but you chose to. You weren’t in control of your powers. You’re good at heart, Noah. I know you are.” Dillon hastily defends Noah.

“What if Riley was the only thing that made me good? Now that he’s gone, I—” Noah is interrupted.

“This Riley might be gone, but I know that a part of him, whatever shape or form that may be, still remains inside you. I’ve seen it for myself, believe me. Funnily enough, he’s related to you. You are not the first person to have their conscience or memories merged with another.” Noah Bennet explains whilst crouching down in order to help Noah stand up.

“There was a girl, Hope. She was the only person who could’ve stopped the Godsend Device safely, Noah. Her powers were energy absorption and it looked like she also had instantaneous cellular regeneration. Instantaneous, Noah, how could I have been able to consume her?” Noah begs Mr. Bennet for an answer.

“My daughter, Claire, has a similar power to Hope’s latter ability. We found others like her shortly after everybody found out about these powers. Sometimes people just find a way to bypass abilities, no matter what they are.” Noah Bennet reflects on the past.

“Is your daughter okay?” Noah ponders.

“Claire? Oh, she’s fine. We’re going through a rough patch at the moment, but otherwise, she’s fine. I didn’t quite agree with her actions, but it would have happened one way or another eventually, with or without her. I’m just looking forward to going home to see her.” Noah Bennet answers. He helps Noah to stand up and takes a small map that contains photographs outside of his pocket.

“You see this point on the map right here? These pictures too? That’s a safe-house I have not too far from here. The place was used for Primatech housing, the Company I used to work for. I know you need to see a place to be able to teleport to it. Can you take us there?” He encourages Noah.

“I can try.” Noah expresses weakly, as he successfully teleports them above the living room of the abandoned house, causing them to fall down onto the wooden floor.

“You might need to work a bit on the landing next time.” Noah Bennet exclaims, standing up and heading to the window to look outside the curtain. “Looks clear, still. I was here a few hours ago with a friend. They’ve renovated this entire street. This house was always under the Company name though.” He explains and holsters his weapon.

“Thank you.” Noah struggles to speak.

“I know this must be very difficult and very confusing for you, Noah. I wish I could make it easier for you, you’re innocent in all of this. A pawn in a horribly corrupt game of chess.” Noah Bennet sympathises. “There’s a reason why I’m here. Hiro? You can come out now.” He calls out as a figure emerges from upstairs, donning a black outfit with his Kensei sword sheathed and resting on his back. “This is Hiro Nakamura, he likes to call himself the master of time and space. He certainly is. As you can tell from my accent, I’m not from here and neither is he. A friend of ours told us about a man who was going to bring about the end the world. Eventually, word spread of a device that would be the catalyst for that and we couldn’t let that happen. That’s how we found out that you, The Impossible Son, existed. So Hiro to brought us here.” He introduces Hiro to the others.

“Hello, other Noah.” Hiro nods politely and smiles, walking down the steps into the living room in order to join the group. Noah nods back towards Hiro whilst he tries ever so hard to understand just how important his role has become.

“Do you know why I exist? Why I’m here when I was never born?” Noah shakes.

“Do you?” Noah Bennet responds quietly.

“I think so. I didn’t before, it was all such a confusing puzzle, as if all the pieces were purposely shaped incorrectly. I couldn’t piece any of the evidence together.” Noah answers.

“I know a friend of mine saw a future where you existed, you were just a little boy. This future never came to happen, at least not in this universe. This… Nomad… must have spent a long time looking for a parallel universe similar enough in which you were born. It seems he did.” Noah Bennet reflects on the past. “Do you know why you were given Noah as your name?” He asks.

“No. I know that I get my surname from my father, but that’s it.” Noah responds.

“You were named after me. God knows what I did in this alternate universe of yours, but clearly I did something right to help your father. That took a little longer in this universe and of course by then, your mother had already passed away, so you were never born here. I reckon if your mother were still alive, you’d have probably been called Peter in this universe.” Noah Bennet describes.

“Is my father still alive?” Noah inquires.

“Oh, I’m certain he is. The last time I heard from him, he was in hiding on a Greek island. He stayed around for a while after the Sullivan Incident, but he was a highly desired individual. I think he came back to the United States eventually, but I’m not certain. We can always look for him after this is all over, it might be nice for you two to meet, you technically are related after all, even if you weren’t born in this universe.” Noah Bennet responds clearly.

“What now?” Dillon inquires, whilst being comforted by Quinton.

“I don’t know a great deal about the Godsend Device. All I know is that it can give and take powers to and from people. I think it helped The Nomad to understand how to harness abilities through the use of machines, like with Dillon and Quinton here. He made one of me and I think he intended for it to use the Godsend Device, but it went rogue and The Nomad tried to have it killed. I don’t know, it’s all speculation at this point. I’ve not even seen The Nomad since this all started.” Noah responds abruptly.

“We know more about it, Noah.” Hiro steps forward and nods. “The Godsend Device is from a parallel universe, much like yourself. This was one where the Company thrived globally, it was solely responsible for trying to create a man-made stone that could immediately harness any categorised abilities and dispense one or more of them into any person. They could never get it to work. The Makers searched far and wide for somebody who could help them and they came across another version of you, Noah. Your ability is pure omnipotence, power unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. They killed this version of you, harvested everything he had to offer in order to weaponise his abilities in the form of The Godsend Device, they called it The First Machine. However, even after all of this, nobody else could use it other than you. Even Arthur himself couldn’t use it. They lacked the power to bring the other version of you back, so to keep the stone safe, they altered it in such a way that it would only work exclusively with your own biological blueprint. Of course, with this version of you dead, they put the stone away for another time, waiting to find somebody who could bring this other version of you back to life. Needless to say, The Nomad found that universe and took it for himself, then he found you in another universe and took you too. It is most fortunate that you aren’t able to harness your power entirely, because you might lose yourself. Judging by what we’ve seen and heard, your own emotions determine what powers you are able to use, giving yourself some kind of cap on the powers.” He clarifies. “Like Kryptonite, only friendlier.” Hiro smiles.

“Riley’s power varied based on his own mood. When his conscience was placed inside of me, it must have helped me to not lose control over my powers.” Noah surmised whilst remembering what Riley showed him before his conscience disappeared. “The Petrelli Manors in this country are all compromised. The Nomad has a clone of himself in every single one. Not only did The Nomad make me forget what happened before I ended up outside one of the Petrelli Manors, he made me forget what the man who raised me looked like. We need to liberate the other Manors.” He insists.

“There are only two Petrelli Manors left in the country. The others were wiped out by that terrorist group. The first and fifth Manors are intact. Run by Alfred Carver, and Edmund Feltham. I presume these are also clones of The Nomad.” Noah Bennet assumes.

“Most likely. Maybe they can tell us about where The Nomad might be.” Hiro exclaims.

“We’ll do that together. You need to focus on finding the Godsend Device and stopping your clone; Wildcard. He’s probably healed by now and he doesn’t have Riley’s emotional cap to stop him from being reckless with his powers, he could be scanning for you right now.” Dillon explains, as she looks towards Quinton.

“Dillon’s right. You have more important things to do, we can get back to you after we’ve secured the Manors. What should we do with Alfred and Edmund?” Quinton asks.

“No, if he has any powers left, they’re fading fast. That missile had a chemical compound that disables the abilities of a clone. As for The Nomad’s clones in the other manors, restrain them, please don’t hurt them unless you have to. Frank might have been a clone of The Nomad, but his humanity was still intact, unlike what I’ve heard about The Nomad so far.” Noah instructs. “I can’t kill Wildcard easily, powers don’t work on clones. There’s nothing I can do to guarantee stopping it without destroying my surroundings.” He stammers fearfully.

“I have just the thing.” Hiro smiles as he removes his sword and hands it over to Noah.

“I can’t take this from you.” Noah shakes his head in disagreement.

“Yes you can. You must. Just make sure to give it back.” Hiro nods, placing the sword and its strap around Noah’s head, resting it on his back. “Just remember, it is not the sword. It is the man. I believe the sword will channel your focus and hone in on your true nature. If Wildcard is truly weakened, this may be all you need.” He speaks confidently.

“Noah? Do you think you could give us a head start?” Quinton interrupts politely.

“I don’t know where the other Petrelli Manors are.” Noah answers regretfully.

“Nonsense, I am the master of time and space. No offense, other Noah.” Hiro quips.

“None taken, honestly.” Noah shrugs with a slight smile.

“Okay. See you soon, Noah. Take care.” Dillon speaks carefully whilst Hiro places his hands onto Dillon and Quinton’s shoulders and closes his eyes tightly, teleporting away.

“I… I suggest… you and I finish what we started.” Wildcard stumbles into the house invisibly, his footsteps so delicately light that both Noahs cannot detect where he is coming from.

“Is that Wildcard?” Noah Bennet whispers, as he quickly grabs his gun.

“Yes.” Noah answers hastily.

“Now… who… are you?” Wildcard mutters right against Noah Bennet’s ear. He reacts by knocking the butt of his gun against The Clone’s face, causing him to reveal his severely disfigured and wounded state from the explosion. He is excessively dishevelled and decrepit that it is truly a wonder why Wildcard has persisted to continue his fight with Noah Gray. The explosion has very clearly hindered his abilities and dulled his awareness, making him oblivious to his otherwise apparent crippled condition. “That isn’t a polite way to greet me, Bennet. Hmm, I’m sensing somebody very important in your mind, somebody who you truly fight for. I’m getting a name… Clarice? Claire? Wait, Claire’s a bear? No, no. Must be a preposterous nickname of some sort, of course. If I ever see this Claire of yours, trust me when I say I’ll flay her alive. Hmm, her power is rapid cellular regeneration? Well, maybe I’ll just test how rapid that truly is.” He grunts.

“You stay the hell away—” Noah Bennet swears through his teeth.

“Don’t, please don’t aggravate it.” Noah advices. “Why do you want me dead? You’re my clone, why are you evil?” He asked whilst confused.

“I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to be so, so horrible to you.” Wildcard speaks sombrely and begins to pout.

“We can work this out, together. All of us.” Noah firmly insists.

“How can you ever forgive me? I hurt you so much. I hurt your poor sensitive feelings.” Wildcard begins to burst out laughing, coughing from the pain it causes. “Ouch.” He grunts. “Oh, didn’t I tell you? The Nomad made some alterations through that Machine of his. When he… created me… he removed my ability to feel sympathy or empathy for anybody. To put it in simpler terms, I’m what you might call a psychopath. That’s why… you and I… are not alike, coward.” He huffs aggressively.

“Your problems don’t lie here, they lie with The Nomad. Go and find him instead.” Noah Bennet speaks encouragingly, as Noah slowly reaches for his sword.

“No, you see, I don’t quite like the idea of there being another me out there, it really causes an itch on my brain and you see, I can’t quite scratch that itch away.” Wildcard shrugs mockingly whilst leaping forwards towards Noah, knocking him into the wall and strangling him as he drops Hiro’s sword. The Clone tilts his head sideways, analysing Noah’s very fearful reactions whilst he violently pushes his hand through Noah’s stomach, penetrating the skin as blood begins to spatter onto the floor. With no alternate choice, Noah Bennet suddenly fires his gun into the back of Wildcard’s leg, causing him to drop Noah.

“Ooh, that tickled. Would you like me to tickle you too? No, no. Perhaps I’ll keep you around so I can let you watch your daughter writhe in pain. I find a sense of enjoyment from bringing pain to others, I think you do too.” Wildcard chuckled as he walks towards Noah Bennet. “Life is a wonderful thing, is it not? I do not need to be sane of mind to see the beauty in existence itself, but I feel that you don’t appreciate the gift of life, your pain is unbearable to the point that you may just be very happy to receive the gift of death. That sweet relief from all your suffering will be just a delight to you.” The Clone surmises as he raises his hand towards Noah Bennet. Noah immediately strikes the sword through Wildcard’s back as it bursts out through the front of his chest, eviscerating his heart. The Clone grunts and blinks rapidly with a scowled expression on his face. He slowly walks forwards and tries to escape the sword so that his chest may heal.

“Oh. Oh. But I wanted to go. Let me go home.” Wildcard mumbles illiterately as he falls dead to the floor, his pale body and severe injuries would be enough to make any mortician come to the conclusion that he had been dead for days.

“The problem with bad guys, especially psychopaths, is that they like to talk too much. They probably think they have all the time in the world.” Noah Bennet guesses, as he takes off his blood spattered glasses and kneels down to inspect the Clone.

“Is he dead?” Noah asks quietly whilst trembling in shock.

“Oh, he’s gone. You did it. He doesn’t quite have all of your powers after all.” Noah Bennet nods, followed by him cleaning his glasses and putting them back on.

“It was the missile, the chemicals. But I think you did it too, you stopped him from… well… disembowelling me.” Noah breathes as he shares the violent and perhaps almost unnecessary achievement with Noah Bennet. Hiro reappears in the room, slightly startled by the unexpected mess on the carpet.

“OWh. What did I miss?” Hiro remarked.

“A lot. You missed quite a lot, my friend.” Noah Bennet shakes his head.

“I see that I gave you my sword at an opportune time.” Hiro smiled. “Oh, but it is bloody.” His smile turned to a sad frown.
“I’ll clean it, I promise.” Noah stammered apologetically.

“We’ll have to get another one made just for you, Noah.” Noah Bennet exclaimed.

“Did we have to do that? Tell me we had to.” Noah begins to allow guilt to rise to the surface whilst he contemplates as to whether they could have restrained Wildcard instead.

“I’d only seen him for five minutes, and in those five minutes alone, he was one of the most messed up people I’ve known. He seemed too dangerous to keep alive.

“I was nearly like him before. Would you have done that to me too?” Noah ponders.

“Never. You aren’t a psychopath like he was, he was created that way. You learned from your mistakes, you were raised in a way that no child should ever be raised. You’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time about life on the outside. I’m proud of you.” Noah Bennet smiles, firmly placing his hand on Noah’s shoulder and reassuring him once more.

“Thank you, Mr. Bennet… Thank you, so much.” Noah expresses his gratitude.

“Please, I know it’s confusing, but you may call me Noah.” Noah Bennet insists.

“Let’s not confuse people further.” Noah smirks subtly. “Are Dillon and Quinton okay?” he asks quietly whilst Hiro still appears to be distracted by the body on the floor. Noah Bennet stands in front of Hiro, obscuring Wildcard’s body. “Hiro?” He called out.

“Yes. Mr. Dillon and Miss. Quinton are just fine. They are at the first Petrelli Manor now.” Hiro explained.

“Dillon’s the girl, Quinton’s the guy, just saying.” Noah reminded Hiro.

“Hmm. I was calling the big one Dillon and the little one Quinton. No matter.” Hiro shrugs. “The first manor was rioting by the time I took them there. Looks like they had already found out that Alfred was a mole placed by the company’s Big Boss. Dillon and Quinton should help restore order.” He explains calmly.

“That’s okay, I’m just glad they’re alright. Can I ask you for a favour?” Noah pleads as his trembling subsides.

“Of course, other Noah. What is it?” Hiro responds.

“Can you… take me back in time… so I can save a friend of mine who died?” Noah begs.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, Noah. Every single action has a consequence of its own. Every consequence led to this moment, to us three standing right here. These consequences may have been important. Not to be mean, but maybe it was of cardinal importance that this tragedy happened.” Hiro explains.

“Then… I… I’d like you to show us the future. Before, I was told that it was a barren wasteland after all the Preservation of Eden bombs fell all around the world due to the Clone, but only one bomb fell, and now the Clone is dead. I’d like to see what the future has in store for us.” Noah stammers.

“That, I can do.” Hiro smiles.

“It’s possible the future can give us some insight as to whether or not we are making the right choices, every single action of ours opens up a new road. It’s nearly impossible to ever drive down the perfect road, but we sure can avoid the worst one.” Noah Bennet speaks and nods as he offers his thoughtful insight. Hiro places his hands over Noah and Noah Bennet’s shoulders and closes his eyes tensely and teleports into the future. The land is barren still, the surface is covered in cracks as the sky is lit up with yellow clouds that flash with the most volatile and aggressive lightning. Noah Bennet and Hiro immediately fall to their knees whilst the unforgiving planet makes it a struggle for them to survive.

“Whoa, whoa!” Noah shouts and places his hands onto Hiro and Noah Bennet, focusing strongly on keeping them alive, allowing them to survive these newfound conditions.

“Thank you. How do you do that?” Noah Bennet asks curiously.

“I don’t know. If I want something enough, somehow I’m able to do it. Sometimes it doesn’t work. It was only recently that I managed to have control over my powers again, but like you said, I have that cap so I don’t overload myself like I nearly did before.” Noah explains. “The future hasn’t changed. It’s still a deserted wasteland. But we stopped the bombs. Only one fell.” He mutters.

“Looks like somebody had another idea.” Noah Bennet answers.

“How many years into the future are we?” Noah asks.

“Only two and a half.” Hiro responds. “Is there anyone left?” He remarks.

“I have a strange feeling, it’s like I can sense somebody. But I don’t know where they are.” Noah comments on the bizarre sensation that he is feeling, as he struggles to pinpoint a place in his mind where this person may be.

“We can try to use our powers together in a joint effort? With me, you don’t need to see a place to get to it.” Hiro suggests, his hands still resting on their shoulders.

“Do it.” Noah closes his eyes as he concentrates with such motivation to focus on the person he can sense. They teleport into a deserted area in a derelict Japan during the dead of night, the buildings in the distance decrepit and the environment relentless.

“To… Tokyo?” Hiro stammers.

“Look. There’s a large cabin over there.” Noah Bennet states whilst pointing out a circular area that seems to be self-sustaining with grass, plants, trees, and power generated by wind. A figure walks out of the cabin, as if expecting their imminent arrival.

“Just on time. Not a moment too soon. We don’t have long.” The wounded figure in tattered rags rasps as a piece of equipment to aid breathing rests on his face.

“You were expecting us?” Noah answers, approaching the cabin and still placing his hands onto Hiro and Noah Bennet to support them against the hazardous surroundings.

“This here is your future, our future. I’m you, Noah.” Future Noah answers.

“What happened?” Noah Bennet asks impatiently.

“It’s good to see you, Noah. It’s been a long time. Or at least it feels like it has. I can’t answer your question fully, time is moving in circles and you need to be the one to break this constant cycle. I will tell you this, we always end up in this future, one where humans have driven themselves to extinction. I am one of the last ones, after all. It was easy for you to sense me Noah, for that very reason. There were a few others like us who survived, but most of them perished soon after. You can let go of Hiro and Noah, this area is stable.” Future Noah answers whilst he looks towards his cabin. Noah apprehensively lets go of Hiro and Noah Bennet, who begin to breathe just fine.

“I’m not alone, there’ll be a couple of people you’ll want to see. I’ll at least give you this chance even though they won’t remember this when you save our future.” He explains, as somebody else steps out from the Cabin.

“Riley?” Noah stammers.

“Hi, Noah.” Future Riley smiles.

“How? How are you alive? You’re not a clone, are you?” Noah struggles to ask.

“No. I’m not a clone. You saved me eventually. It took a long time for me to learn how to live again, to heal, since most of my conscience had already merged with yours. The human body is only strong enough to hold one conscience permanently. Luckily with you being as powerful as you are, I was able to hold on just long enough to be saved.” Future Riley answers as another person leaves the Cabin also.

“Hope… I’m so glad you’re out.” Noah smiles emotionally. Riley comes towards Noah and cuddles him. Hope follows Riley and cuddles Noah straight afterwards.

“I’m so sorry.” He struggles to speak.

“It’s okay, Noah. I forgave you a long time ago. You weren’t in control of yourself. I know you now, and I know that you’re good. The Noah I know today? He’s morally correct, forgiving, understanding and the most perfect person I’ve ever known. He’s saved so many people, until it happened.” Hope explained, as a third figure emerges from the cabin.

“Hello. You don’t know me yet, but hopefully you will no matter what happens in your future. My name is Jared Quincy. I joined you a bit further down the line, after it all happened.” Jared introduces himself.

“Jared Quincy? Aren’t you Hisoka’s son?” Noah murmurs under his breath.

“I am.” Jared answers.

“I’m so sorry about your father, I knew him for such a short time but he provided me with the insight I needed.” Noah groans apologetically.

“My father’s alive, I can feel it. Somehow.” Jared answers confidently.

“Jared has been a big help, he’s kept Noah alive for longer than he should’ve been.” Riley explains.

“For longer than he should’ve been? What exactly happened?” Noah asks.

“I’m dying. I’m using every bit of my power to try and heal the world, but I’ve only been able to support this part of the city. The reason Mr. Bennet, Hiro, Hope and Riley are able to breathe right now is because I’m constantly shielding this area. Cleansing it. I was slowly expanding the radius because I thought I could eventually cover the entire world, but as of the last two weeks that radius has been diminishing. I don’t sleep, the others hardly do either. We know this is the end for us, we just knew we were waiting for you. Just over two years ago, the same thing happened to me, but I failed. This is our final quest.” Future Noah reveals.

“Why are you in Tokyo?” Hiro ponders.

“We came here to find the JJ Twins, we wanted their help. They must have been long gone because we never found them. There are bunkers nearby that contain signs that they were there, but all that remains are glimpses of their former presence.” Future Noah answers.

“Am I still alive?” Hiro asks, looking into the doorway of the cabin.

“The last time I saw you, you were. We tied ourselves here because it was too dangerous to find anybody else. All I know is that after it happened, you went back to America with Noah Bennet. I’d like to think that you’re both in a bunker somewhere with your families and friends and that you knew I could handle myself. There’s nothing to suggest that it would be any other way.” Future Noah hopes. “Like I said, we don’t have much time. Noah. Something will happen, and you need to do it differently than I did. I’ll tell you what I did. I didn’t use the Godsend Device, I refused to touch it, at first. The Nomad killed everybody, Dillon and Quinton too. He then told me the Godsend Device was the only way to save Riley because there was still a little bit of him left. I reluctantly agreed because I selfishly wanted Riley back. Things went bad for a little while, but then he went crazy and tried to find a way to go back in time and change things, of course, he’d killed all the time travellers he could find so that they wouldn’t interfere with his plan. Hiro, however, was safe in hiding last time I checked in with him. What I’m trying to tell you is that you need to think of another way, find a way to get rid of both The Nomad, the Godsend Device, and to save Riley too. You just need to—” Future Noah is interrupted as everything instantly turns black and falls silent. Noah, Hiro and Noah Bennet start floating, unable to speak to or hear each other. Their bodies begin freezing from the sheer cold emptiness. The area is dimly lit and Hiro manages to grab onto both Noahs and teleport back into the safe house. They cough violently and take in a deep breath, slowly recovering from the events that just occurred two years into the future.

“What happened?!” Noah Bennet shouts despondently.

“The future… It changed.” Hiro murmurs whilst catching his breath.

“What he told you would have changed the course of your actions, changing the future. But it was even worse than before, there was nothing.” Noah Bennet reacts in shock.

“We were in space, in the exact same place we were standing just moments before. The Earth just disappeared. It was gone. There were no nearby stars, everything around us was nothingness.” Hiro speaks expressionlessly.

“What could possibly have changed to result in Earth ceasing to exist?” Noah Bennet speaks woefully.

“I don’t know, but that’s what he was trying to warn me about. That I’d need to do something differently. The future is constantly ever-changing, I can still prevent that from ever happening.” Noah insists.

“Perhaps we can.” Noah Bennet exclaims.

“What can you tell me? What don’t I know? The only thing I know of him is this mirage he presented when he raised Riley and I. Nothing more. It could be useful to know everything there is about him. How did you two find out about The Nomad?” Noah asks diligently.

“Perhaps we could tell you an abridged version of our side of the story. From the first time we realised The Nomad was going to be a force to be reckoned with, up until I found you.” Noah Bennet offers.

“Please, go ahead.” Noah answers as they sit down on the sofas in the living room, whilst Hiro stands against the living room window and stares outside towards the sky, observing our celestial neighbours.
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Seven
Heroes: Godsend - Chapter Seven: The Impossible Son

Chapter Six: Filicide:…
Chapter Eight: Just Like Old Times:…

After five years of imagining and just under two years of writing, Heroes: Godsend, my free-to-read fan novel is out now! Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. 

This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.

In 2010, I begun coming up with the idea for an independent web series titled Heroes Renatus. (…) I was both young and overly ambitious at that time. Years passed whilst I continued dotting down all the ideas I had come up with for Renatus. Come 2013 and NBC announced a limited revival of Heroes with the addition of Heroes Reborn. I felt strange considering Renatus means Reborn in Latin. I felt even stranger when the show aired and the company in it was called Renautus! (Alternate spelling of Renatus, but still Reborn in Latin.) - From then on, I renamed my project to Heroes: Godsend which was more fitting to the story I had to offer. Once Heroes Reborn was announced, I decided to turn all the ideas I had for Renatus into a fan novel instead. Now, just under two years since Reborn was announced, Godsend is complete. I've had a lot of ups and downs throughout writing this fan-novel, but I'm so pleased that it's out. I don't expect it to gain much traction or popularity, but I will be absolutely grateful to anybody who reads it. One other thing, you do NOT need to watch Heroes in order to understand the story in Heroes: Godsend, it contains original characters (With some characters from the show having a small role towards the end of the book). Understanding the general premise of Heroes helps a lot.

Heroes: Godsend is a spin-off Novel that spans ten chapters as the protagonist, 'The Impossible Son', searches for the truth behind his origins as helpful strangers embark on his journey with him. Whilst it starts out with fresh characters, a big twist with the protagonist allows the story to intertwine with some recognisable faces. This free-to-read fan-made novel is just under 64,000 words (Approx 400 pages for a 5x8 eBook) and is not connected to, or associated to any canonical Heroes storylines. It is a fan-made spin-off that takes place one year after the events of Season 4. Heroes was created by Tim Kring and distributed by NBC, I do not own any of the rights to Heroes.

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