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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    I've been on DeviantArt for nearly seven years now! Although I'll admit I'm not as active as I used to be.

  2. What does your username mean?

    When I was younger, I came up with "Blacklight Studios" for my own concept film posters and trailers during my Media Studies GCSE and GCE courses, and a couple of years ago, I mixed Blacklight with Sklar (My last name) to come up with Sklarlight, it's my official digital alias.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

    Modest, Creative, and Stubborn.

  4. Are you left or right handed?

    Right handed!

  5. What was your first deviation?

    I actually deleted a lot of outdated deviations, but when I first joined, I uploaded signature banners that I made for myself and others. The earliest one I have on here is a Hulk signature banner.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    I like to create all things film. Whilst most of my deviations consist of photography, photo-manipulations, my favourite type of art to create surrounds video. 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    3D Modelling/Animation

  8. What was your first favourite?

    My first favourite was 'Un gato.' by 'faboarts'. 

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Photography and artwork pertaining to video games, films, and nature.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    I don't really have a favourite deviant artist, I keep an eye on plenty of artwork and I like whatever grabs my attention.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    Since I don't have a favourite, I don't mind meeting any Deviant artist!

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    Many individual deviants have inspired me to pursue a certain style or a different method towards my own creations.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

    My Canon 550D, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    It's not really a place, but rather a mood. If you've got any to suggest, feel free!

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    I'm an infrequent user of Deviant Art, so most of my memories relating to my works are outside of dA, but I've had a fair share of encouraging comments on some of my work!

Even though I haven't been on DeviantArt for 14 years, (I wish I had, but then I'd have joined when I was 5! And that would be breaking the rules...) I've come a long way since. DeviantArt hasn't just been a place to stash my artwork, it's been a place that offers a community, the general DeviantArt community as a whole, and the communities offered by groups that you join. Despite the fact that I don't go on DeviantArt as much as I used to, I know it's always a place I want to upload my work to regardless.


I used to roam forums, and forums often came with the ability to add signatures. I was born into the world of Paint.NET when I started making these (god-awful) signatures, but then I was able to work my way up and get better, with the purchase of Photoshop I finally found my working ground. This shows the exact difference that happens over time, what experience comes with learning, experimenting and the like, that things will always change and your skills can only improve. But the learning curve when practising something you enjoy certainly moves faster than it would for something you don't enjoy.


Hulk by Sklarlight - District 9 Signature by Sklarlight

Paint.NET Signatures.

Freeman. by Sklarlight - Cry Some More! [Heavy TF2 Sig] by Sklarlight

Photoshop Signature. (5 Years Later)

It wasn't long before I found out what I really wanted to do, and that was writing, filming and editing. (As well as acting but I couldn't really do that too.) - So I left DeviantArt for some time to pursue that, with uploading videos to YouTube and Vimeo. I then came to realise that I could indeed upload videos to DeviantArt (I believe it was an added update?) - and I immediately joined the official group and began sharing my videos here too. Sadly I never thought I got the recognition I was hoping to receive, and I slowly stopped producing content altogether. But that was silly of me, and I'm not trying to get back into producing all sorts of content, both imagery and video alike.


Media Studies Trailer.

An example of my video editing, writing and acting came in the form of a Media Studies trailer for secondary school. Whilst things have changed a lot since, it's certainly a piece of history in my life as to how I began making videos seeing as this was one of the first live-action pieces I put together, since most of my content consisted of Indie Game trailers. I wrote a long idea for an independent film when I was younger, and I decided to mix and mash it with a new idea to form the trailer above. My only regret is that it is too 'story-heavy' for a trailer, and that's probably because I wanted to make a film instead!

(Which undoubtedly made me feel like this:)
Torment by Sklarlight


After I stopped doing signatures, photoshops, videos and so on, I decided to re-explore my hobby in Photography. Whilst that was short-lived, it's still always been a hobby of mine throughout life. All kinds of subjects have always interested me, from space, to nature, to people and to animals. Everything that can be captured nicely in a photograph is always something worthy of capturing and remembering, as well as sharing it with others to see too.

The Moon by Sklarlight - Marwell Meerkat 1 by Sklarlight

Clouds - I by Sklarlight - Glenns by Sklarlight

Jaws - Fire by Sklarlight - Stare - I by Sklarlight


'Faceless' Teaser, featuring myself as Daniel, and Sam A. Mowry as Elijah Grey.

As somebody who suffers from profound deafness, I've felt that to be able to actually write a great deal of English, and speak it too, some people haven't pondered the possibility that I must be deaf, some people have indeed thought I was just your average every-day person, but to project-lead a game, write a book about it, do the trailers for it and even voice act for it is something I never thought I would be doing when I first joined DeviantArt, when I first joined, I felt that I would be making independent films and that from there, the rest of my life would be sorted out. (The way a younger person's mind works...)

But things change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. But the future is exciting, and I look forward to see where DeviantArt goes to next!



Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 6:19 AM

It's been a good while since an article was made on Faceless, on my dA, anyways. But a lot has been going on behind the scenes as we slowly but surely progress in the horrific developments in this modification. We recently had the North Rising (New Year's) teaser trailer which excited a lot of people as they got to see the Slenderman not only walking, but rapidly sprinting towards the player which provided a more realistic approach to the horrors of the Slenderman. The Slenderman will run once you have stared at it for too long, making you be caught inevitably.

Here is a Q&A that recently took place into looking at the background of these trailers as well as Daniel North, our mysterious character.

Q.1) Daniel and Adam have another brother/sister shown in the Family Tree. Can you tell me anything about him or her?
Daniel and Adam have an unknown sibling, this is correct. From the family tree it is also confirmed this sibling is a known proxy by blood. However, you won't find out anything else about this in Faceless.

Q.2) Do the locations that Adam and his friends search for Daniel (Wakeland Forest, Hyde Station, The cave, etc) have any connection to Daniel or the Slenderman?
Yes, all locations have a connection to both Daniel and the Slenderman, these are the last places Daniel visited in order to hunt the Slenderman, however since Daniel isn't in either of these locations, but the Slenderman is, only points out that it can't have gone well. Adam would have found these locations in a scrapbook of Daniel's. So it isn't all random.

Q.3) Does the team plan to have any do any other methods of people getting into the beta, such as another indiegogo campaign.
Yes, we do. First, the donators will be given beta access when the time comes, then a couple of weeks after this, certain Let's Players and reviewers will be given access, then another couple of weeks later it'll be open to the public.Of course, there's still a long while before all this.

Q.4) Are the early ARG videos still considered cannon to the game? (such as the "[number] Days Ago" videos)
They are still considered canon, however they won't really play much of a part in Faceless anymore, only it's backstory.

Q.5) What are your thoughts on the character of Daniel?
Daniel is an obscure character, he has kept his life secret from many in order to ensure the survival and happiness of his brother, Adam, who is unaware of the history of his family tree, Adam doesn't even know of the unknown sibling, but Daniel does. Daniel is what you might call a hunter, but this hunt was his last.

Q.6) Do you like the progress of the game so far and has it scared you?
The progress of the game so far is incredibly awesome. It's pretty creepy, however we cannot stress how much we desperately are in need of a good coder/programmer and organic modeller.

Q.7) Do they offer new pants?
We only offer $20, you can either give it to the Slenderman, or buy yourself new pants. Hard choice. Hard choice indeed.

Also, the Sorrowvirus, a bonus thingy for you, it's the aged blood of a proxy, the only thing that can kill the Slenderman. Did Daniel succeed? Did he fail? Will you find out? Who knows.


The Being is near.

Slender: Source

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 2:21 PM
Slender: Source is an upcoming modification that is based on the urban legend, Slenderman. This mod will require you to have Steam and own one source game, but it is preferable to own The Orange Box to run all mods at ease without texture errors.

I've uploaded the three official wallpaper packs for Slender: Source, which you can click on the following images below:

I'm really happy to be working on Slender: Source as their Lead Promotional Designer. I'll be making the wallpapers, trailers and title sequences, amongst other digital designs for them. One of the player models is also named and based after me which I'm highly excited to see.

Here is the general synopsis.

Slender: Source is based off of the legend of the Slenderman which is a mythical creature often depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face. Players must work together to collect a certain amount of creepy dolls all while trying to avoid the abomination that is the Slenderman. The kick? No weapons.

We also are not restricting players to one environment, so upon release of the mod/game players will be able to explore two different kinds of environments when playing the game. The first being the standard woods that you've come to see in the Unity title, as well as an abandoned hospital. So, two maps upon release that should take roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete, but don't fret! With teamwork, and proper thinking you should be able to complete the maps/levels without dying. We have a ton of levels planned for this game, but we'll only be shipping with two maps to start out, and hopefully finish off with around 8.

  • - 4 player co-op
  • - Uncover the story and mystery of Slenderman through the diary of missing man, Daniel. Read accounts of Daniel coming across this mysterious being, and discover where Daniel went and if he's still alive. Uncover the mystery with your friends.
  • - Players start off completely split up from each other.
  • - You can only hear voice chat from people near you.
  • - The collecting of porcelain dolls which are brought to a specific location on the map. A CTF style variant with more game modes in the future.
  • - A forest, and abandoned hospital will be for the initial release with a total of 8 maps planned.
  • - No weapons only flashlights.
  • - Dead people can't speak to the living.
  • - The FGD so the players can create their own maps.
  • - Nothing to do with "Slender". That developer didn't create Slenderman, and the ideas for this game were already jotted down before Slender (Which wasn't the first Slenderman game either). Slender: Source incorporates entirely new gameplay elements.
  • - 4 playable characters, each with their own back-stories, and personalities.
  • - Achievements if we can get Steamworks support.
  • - 100% FREE
Minimum: 1.7 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, DirectX® 8.1 level Graphics Card (Requires support for SSE), Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection
Recommended: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better), 1GB RAM, DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card, Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

I'm also responsible for the heavy series of ARGs happening right now, you can check them out over here:…


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Heroes Renatus - Official Teaser Poster Released.

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 27, 2011, 6:01 AM
Heroes Renatus Poster by Sklarlight

For now, this Teaser Poster is all that will be released. I plan to film Volume One; Obscurity, in the Summer. Hopefully it will be ready for release in the Autumn, but it's all a matter of timing and whether the whole volume can be filmed in the Summer alone. All we can do is wait and see!

Just remember, Hope Never Dies.

Heroes Renatus - The Official Journal #2

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2011, 9:14 AM
Heroes Renatus has undergone a lot of changes since the first Journal, the story has changed quite a lot, but with its main purpose still intact.
Don't worry, I've made sure it's still awesome, and it really is.

3 series' have been written up, that's right, 3 series'. Originally only one was planned, but I decided it was best to have 3. The first series is full length, whilst the other two will sort of be mini-series'.

I've got all the equipment needed, bought a Canon 550D along with some fantastic lens, a camera stabiliser for film-quality footage. I've also got Photoshop and After Effects ready now for this.

Let's just hope I can get this done! I've got all the equipment, the story, now it's just a matter of finding locations, times, actors, etc.

Hopefully I can start filming the first series this summer, then later on the second series, then the third. The second and third, even though they are mini-series', they will be harder.

I might be setting up an official website for Heroes Renatus when the time comes, I'm hoping this can attract a lot of the Heroes fan-base, maybe even extra people.

My main goal for Heroes Renatus is to excite the fans of Heroes, to give it a great spin-off with lots of twists, lots of bits leaving the viewers thinking, I'm just hoping this will be worth it, and that it can get recognized!

As soon as I've started filming Heroes Renatus, I'll make the next blog where you can get some behind the scenes photos.

Thanks for reading!


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So I've decided to start an official journal for my independent series of Heroes Renatus.

As some of you may know, I am creating a spin-off series for Heroes. You can read about this here:…

But however, the information on that page is old and redundant, as the story has been given a complete makeover, but still following the core plot.

Viewers will follow a lost person called Riley Stenson, who appears outside a refuge for people with abilities. This refuge camp is called Petrelli Manor. Refuge centres were set up all over the world to keep people with abilities safe, to have a home and have a good education. In the United Kingdom, our protagonist; Riley Stenson appears in a field with no memories of his life, not even a name. When he wakes up, he goes to the only building around, which is Petrelli Manor. Inside, he finds someone who may be able to help him. Norman Van Croft is one of the leaders inside this Manor, he believes that Riley is special and unique, even though Riley has no abilities yet. Norman gives Riley his name, and teaches him privately about the Heroes and Villains of our world. Norman then tells Riley of the eclipse, which is going to happen the next day. He informs Riley that his abilities should form at this eclipse.

But Riley saw a name in the villains category that stuck out to him. Samuel Sullivan.

Is Riley closer to the truth? Or is he steering away from it?

The next day, Petrelli Manor is nothing but ashes, everyone that Riley relied on is dead. He must start again, and find out what happened.

Riley will always remember the last thing Norman said to him... Hope... Hope Never Dies.

The story for Heroes Renatus is nearly complete. A beginning, a middle and an end has been done, now I just have to fill in the gaps.

On the next journal, I will go into greater depth into the story and who is involved, but I won't tell too much, because I want you to discover the truth yourself. :la:
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There's a lot of unseen art out there worthy of a mention. I think I'm one of those people as well. So I've set out to help people to show their work through my journals.

So these are some pieces from members who sent me notes asking to be shown. :la:

Also, some small rules for submitting your art to be included in the Unknown Artists journal, please say THANK YOU. It doesn't hurt at all to say it. Also, please post the link(s) or thumb codes to your artwork so that saves time for me. Maximum of 3 artworks per person. Thanks! :meow:

Welcome, to Journal number three. :dummy:

:iconshirly90:: shirly90

Water Lily by shirly90

Dawn by shirly90

Sunset 3 by shirly90

:iconipaint4fun:: iPaint4fun




:icondianaes:: Trance-Child




:icondeeptendu:: deeptendu




:iconnatteregn:: natteregn




:iconsleepyscar:: sleepyscar

Older Centuries by sleepyscar

Lifesize by sleepyscar

Alienation by sleepyscar

:iconcasselloma:: cassie1243789


Eiffel Tower by Casselloma


:icongothicalchemist7x:: GothicAlchemist7X

Renaissance by GothicAlchemist7X

Lady Gothica by GothicAlchemist7X

Gyser 5 by GothicAlchemist7X





Thanks for reading, and there's some good work here. :meow:


Unfortunately thumb codes don't seem to work in the default Journal Skin. As I haven't got premium membership, I can't do this, so as for now, this will probably be the last feature journal.

Unknown Artists Journal #2

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 26, 2010, 1:18 PM
There's a lot of unseen art out there worthy of a mention. I think I'm one of those people as well. So I've set out to help people to show their work through my journals.

So these are some pieces from members who sent me notes asking to be shown. :la:

Also, some small rules for submitting your art to be included in the Unknown Artists journal, please say THANK YOU. It doesn't hurt at all to say it. Also, please post the link(s) or thumb codes to your artwork so that saves time for me. Maximum of 3 artworks per person. Thanks! :meow:

Welcome, to Journal number two. :dummy:

Special Mention: :iconjenniferloree: Jennikins:


Thanks for the points Jennikins. :meow:

:iconspirit-of-the-fire: SpiritOfTheFire

Cystallized III by spirit-of-the-fire

Winter Run by spirit-of-the-fire

A Storm is Coming by spirit-of-the-fire

:iconkookug: Kookug




:iconblack-tiger-of-evil: BlackTigerOfEvil

Invincible by Black-Tiger-of-Evil

Loosing You by Black-Tiger-of-Evil

Lynx Lightning by Black-Tiger-of-Evil

:iconmathelt: Mathelt

Autumn by Mathelt


Wind by Mathelt

:iconxdreamx: xDreamx

Endless Fantasy by xDreamx

God's Eyes by xDreamx

Panic by xDreamx

:iconnayaru-mayame: Nayaru-Mayame




:iconchristie1793: christie1793

Swallow's prayer by christie1793

Here I stand by christie1793

Love is in the air by christie1793

:icondeko-kun: JakeyBlackSoul

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Tsuna by Deko-kun


OC Ryouzaki Tokomoki by Deko-kun

:iconllamatamer: LlamaTamer




:iconkoryguzphotography: KoryGuzPhotography:

Big Jump by KoryGuzPhotography

Bubbly by KoryGuzPhotography

Hands by KoryGuzPhotography

Unknown Artists - Features Journals.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 25, 2010, 10:22 AM
I started the first journal a while ago, didn't get too many people, but now after the journal was announed and whatever, quite a few more people are asking to be featured.

First things first, check out my latest deviation here:… :la:

And also, expect Journal number #2 tomorrow. :meow:

Night gentlemen.

Oh wait, it's only half past Six.

Unknown Artists Journal.

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 15, 2010, 5:48 AM
There's a lot of unseen art out there worthy of a mention. I think I'm one of those people as well. So I've set out to help people to show their work through my journals.

So these are some pieces from members who sent me notes asking to be shown.

:iconarbaxa: Arbaxa

Yellow Drops by arbaxa

Memories by arbaxa

Chicago: Back to the 80's. by arbaxa

:iconskittlesfreakrawr: SkittlesFreakRawr




:iconmrstevec: MrSteveC

X-7 by MrSteveC


:iconpaleblueyes: PaleBlueEyes




:iconnannaa: Nannaa

.:: Sticky fingers ::. by Nannaa

.:: Closer ::. by Nannaa

.:: The island ::. by Nannaa

:icondrii-mad-hatter: Drii-Mad-Hatter




:iconknajfer: Knajfer

Solitary ground by Knajfer

Nostalgia by Knajfer

:iconlostsoul4ever13: LostSoul4Ever13

wonderment by Lostsoul4ever13

Teady bear by Lostsoul4ever13

Numa by Lostsoul4ever13

:iconcaiperina: Caiperina





For everyone that comments on any of my work, you'll get an awesome Llama. :meow:

This may be a cry for comments, and I guess, in a way, it is. :lonely:

But yeah, any comments at all are greatly appreciated, and you'll get a Llama for doing so.

So go and comment, guys! :dummy:
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I've just registered at Envato for the first time, after being a visitor for quite a long time now, I've decided to register. I'm also going to be uploading some of my work there.

Remember, feel free to check out the Envato marketplaces here:
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I wasn't too fussed about Llama's at first, but now I am. :la:

So this Journal is just to mention groups out there supporting the.. production of Llama's. :llama:

:icongiveallamagetallama: Give A Llama Get a Llama

:iconllama-in-return: Llama In Return

:icondallamas: dA Llama's

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I'm making several Machinimas at the moment.

Don't know what a Machinima is? Here's the explanation from Urban Dictionary:

"The art of using a pre-rendered gaming engine and making it into a film. The word is derived from: Machine and Cinema."

So I'm going to be making several Machinimas from the games Half Life 2 and Portal.

These Machinimas are called, and are in order of release:

This Is Aperture Science - A Single Episode Machinima going around Aperture Science, from the early days without GLaDOS, right up to where GLaDOS was built, and to the deadly neurotoxins being released.

Diaries Of The Resistance - A Cloverfield styled machinima, this will consist of several episodes, following the tale of a member of the Resistance, who is filming his own journey through the wrecked streets of City 17.

'Don't Forget Me' - Set in Black Mesa, about a scientist who is filming his remaining days at Black Mesa.

Expect to see the trailer for Diaries of The Resistance next week! :la:
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Quite a while ago now, I started working on an independent film, and I thought that there were so many amazing, talented people on DeviantArt, that I sought out their help.

It originally went from being a full feature film to a 10 minute film, and now I'm hoping to get this short film done, so that I can progress to making a feature length version.

I joined the Deviant Film chat one day, and caught my luck by finding ~morphiul:

Who is an amazing music composer, and I am happy to say that DeviantArt is going to receive a horde of credit through this film, because it really does help to bring talented people together.

So this piece of news is just to show how insanely awesome dA is, and how much I thank it, and that it will be in the credits of this film short, which will be shown in several Independent Film Festivals.

Soon, I will be posting a teaser trailer of it, and hopefully a lot of you will be interested! :dummy:
Yeah, my YouTube page is running low on visitors, despite the fact that I am uploading some nice videos, the amount of viewers are going down!

So I need your help guys!

Here's my YouTube link, feel free to watch the videos, or to promote them!

In return, who knows what I'm capable of doing? :dummy:

So any help at all is greatly appreciated!
After I started watching Heroes again, I was inspired by the first few episodes, which introduced our new hero, who can use see sound, and it seems when she uses sound so powerfully, it can inflict damage on the environment around her.

So this inspired me to make my own video called Hysterical Blindness, named after the same episode, and hopefully it will be up soon. :eager:

I will be posting a preview image very soon.
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I have decided that I am going to put the film on hold.

Not for a long time though, only for about a year.

But, the film is always in development.

I have decided that I am going to do a 10 minute short of the film, and show that off in several film festivals, and then, if it receives enough hype, I will then go onto doing toe feature length film, hopefully, with more help in it.
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Well, despite the fact that I lost a lot of things that were important to me, I am back on track, well, almost.

I have to send my hard drive back to Buffalo, and they will send another one.
Sadly, I've lost all the footage to my film, and will have to start again.

But I'm willing to start again, it's worth it. It means a lot to me.

So, hopefully as soon as I start my film again, I can upload some stuff to show you. :woohoo:
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